Arctic Stronghold

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Arctic Stronghold
Size Medium
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 24
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings
  • Tiberium Silo x1
  • EMP Cannon x1
Base Defenses
  • GDI
    • Advanced Guard Tower
  • Nod
    • Obelisk of Light
  • Buildings
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Appearance

    The cold, snowy mountains of the Arctic Stronghold host a precious field of blue Tiberium and an EMP Cannon lies on top of the central plateau, while a chilling mist covers the bottom areas.

    In-depth Analysis

    Infantry paths: Behind each base's Tiberium Refinery, there is a large infantry area leading to either a sniping spot, a cave, or down to the foggy vehicle path below. The sniping spot is composed by a small plateau in front of each bases and it is reached by climbing a short set of stairs. The cave has a Tiberium Silo and three exits that connect with both infantry paths, with one of them being a rock bridge leading towards the central plateau.

    Vehicle paths: Vehicles leave the base from the front and can take three paths: a right turn (left for Nod) will lead towards the Tiberium field along with another passage going through the mist; a left turn (right for Nod) will lead towards the secondary infantry path entrances along with a route towards the mist-covered zone.

    There is a bridge near each base that is reached by a left turn (right for Nod) which will bring vehicles on the central plateau that hosts the EMP Cannon; this plateau is also connected to the infantry cave via an infantry-only rock bridge.

    Mist lingers on the paths below circumventing the central plateau, either leading towards the blue Tiberium field on the right end (left for Nod) or near the infantry cave on the left end (right for Nod).

    Mystery Crates: Two crates appear in this level: one is located on the top of the Silo dome, the other one appears on the central plateau.

    Harvested Tiberium field: each faction harvests the large blue field on the side.


    Battlefield control

    Taking control of the EMP Cannon will greatly assist in besieging the enemy base; thus, control of the central plateau will be paramount. Other forces may be sent to take over the blue Tiberium field, granting protection to the team's Harvester while destroying the enemy's as it comes out.

    Infantry paths are quite large and have multiple path intersections; therefore, it is recommended to station patrols just near the way to the Refinery to deter infiltrators and the way to the sniping spot to protect allied snipers taking potshots towards enemy infantries.

    Sneaking options

    While each base does have automated defenses, the path to each faction's Tiberium Refinery has plenty of cover for players to infiltrate and avoid defenses fire. More infiltration possibilities will open up when the EMP Cannon fires and disables the automatic defenses. Still, the enemy team will be aware of the EMP and they will probably double their patrols, therefore caution is advised while infiltrating.

    The infantry paths have many obstacles, mostly rocks where players can hide behind and stay undetected while sneaking in. Players may be also able to conceal themselves into the mist on the bottom paths.

    The buildings in each base are somewhat far to each other; still Stealth Tanks should only proceed only when the Advanced Guard Tower is destroyed, or strike at the AGT or another building when the defense is brought down by the EMP. Some good hiding places while inside the enemy base and with their automated defenses down are behind the Weapons Factory/Airstrip, each base's Power Plants, in between the Advanced Guard Tower/Obelisk of Light and the nearby wall,and in the small alcove inside the containers or behind the pillars supporting the ramps leading to the holed wall in the GDI base.

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