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|data7 = Single Zoom level
|data7 = Single Zoom level
|label8 = Rate of Fire
|label8 = Rate of Fire
|data8 = Fast
|data8 = Very fast
|label9 = Clip
|label9 = Clip
|data9 = 100
|data9 = 100

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Automatic Rifle
Carried by Soldier
Type Primary Weapon
Damage Type Bullet rounds
Projectile Speed Fast
Range Medium
Scope Lens Single Zoom level
Rate of Fire Very fast
Clip 100
Magazine 700

The Cobretti AR-70 Raptor Automatic Rifle is the main weapon for both Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod's basic soldiers.


The Automatic Rifle appears as an bulky assault rifle featuring a heat-sink on the front, a middle part above the handle where bullets are expelled, and a small scope connected with an ammunition round counter mounted on top of the rifle. Clips are loaded into a black box-shaped object under the rifle.


The Automatic Rifle fires high amounts of low damaging bullets. It is considered the weakest weapon in the game, albeit it can be used to finish weakened opponent infantries, especially with ample clips that can be "sprayed and prayed" over. It does basically no damage to vehicles or buildings. Even on the Master Control Terminal, its damage is rather low.