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MCT from GDI Barracks
Faction Both
Function The center of gameplay

Buildings are what set apart Renegade X from most other FPS games. Buildings all have 1 Master Control Terminal and at least 2 Purchase Terminals. By destroying a building, you limit the effectiveness of the thing it was related to. [expand pls]


Each faction has 5 different buildings. Both teams have a Power Plant and Tiberium Refinery. Each team has their own unique base defense, vehicle production building and advanced infantry building.

Nod Buildings

GDI Buildings

Complimentary defenses

In some maps, each faction may also have smaller turrets that are meant to be a light defense against incoming assaults. These buildings do not possess interiors, thus they do not have any MCTs and are less resistant since they only possess health, instead of both armor and health that regular buildings have; although unlike the former, repair guns will be able to replenish the health of these defenses. Most importantly, they will still operate even with a destroyed Power Plant.

Nod Defenses
GDI Defenses


Those type of defenses differ from the ones aforementioned since they have to be manually operated by the player; they can be technically considered as stationary vehicles. They can be destroyed, repaired, and they will continue to function with a destroyed Power Plant.

List of Emplacements

Tech buildings

Buildings pertaining to this category are neutral at the beginning, but they can be captured by firing a repair gun at their MCTs. The faction whose captures the building will be able to receive benefits from it, such an example would be a small but steady bonus income in credits, as long they hold control of the buildings. These buildings cannot be destroyed in any way; throwing C4 or firing on the MCT of neutral buildings will not disable them.

List of Tech Bulidings


Each building has their own unique function. Read more about each individual buildings uses by clicking on the above links. By destroying every building in the opposing teams base, you win.