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Renegade X features a vast selection of weapons for players to fight with, from mass-produced Automatic Rifles to highly advanced Railgun prototypes. Players will be able to see each infantry class' loadout from the Purchase Terminal selection screen (including a small statistic chart showing damage, range, rate of fire, and magazine capacity) and pick the infantry class they are most comfortable fighting with, whenever that is going guns blazing with Chainguns, Tactical Rifles, or Laser Chainguns, or steadily aiming at the opponent's heads with Sniper Rifles or Ramjet Rifles from afar.

Each faction has different unique weapons: the Global Defense Initiative fight with explosive weaponry, such as Flak Cannons or a special Rocket Launcher able to fire six rockets before needing to reload; with its R&D manufacturing sophisticated weaponry such as Personal Ion Cannons and Volt Automatic Rifles. The Brotherhood of Nod fight with laser technology, arming their special ops Black Hand squadrons with Laser Rifles and Laser Chainguns, and employs liquid Tiberium for weapons such as Chemical Throwers and Tiberium Automatic Rifles.

Every weapon has a generic efficiency role, from killing other infantry, destroying light or heavy armored vehicles, damaging Buildings, or even being effective versus everything.

For players who desire to tackle on a more supportive role, they can help their teams by arming themselves with the Engineers' Repair Guns and provide repairs to vehicles, heals to other infantry, or even subtly sabotage the opponent buildings.

Every infantry has at least one side-weapon used in case the primary weapon is out of ammunition or it needs to be reloaded. In some custom levels, weapon pickups might appear and the players can acquire a copy of that weapon by going on top of it. The weapon will reappear after a certain period of time has passed, and it will be ready to be picked up again. Note that if the player gets killed, they will lose the weapon that they picked up.

Every weapon has an amount of ammunition that it can hold in one clip before needing to reload and a magazine holding the total ammunition available for the weapon. After the magazine is depleted, the player must head back towards a Purchase Terminal to obtain a refill for the magazine. An exception to such are laser weapons (Laser Rifle and Laser Chaingun), which possess automated recharging in-built batteries, constantly generating more ammunition into the magazine. Side weapons, on the other hand, possess infinite ammunition in their magazine.

Vehicles have their unique armaments and they cannot be changed, but they possess infinite magazines for them thus they will never run out of ammunition.