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Introduction of the Commander

The commander role was introduced in Patch 5.3

This introduced a new dynamic to the game to help with organizing offensive and defensive actions for the team.

The commander is a role that is granted to a player by vote,

Role of the Commander

The commander is given a level of control over the team's Harvester and Player Placed defenses (they can remove Proximity C4 placed by their team).

(This is normally limited to the player who placed it, or the enemy disarming it)

The commander also has the ability to place way-points on their teammates field of view, with notifications such as "Gather Here" or "Attack Here"

They also have the ability to mark enemies to focus on for their entire team (Making Q-spotting more efficient by highlighting enemies on the team's Radar and on-screen in the player's FOV, rather than just Radar)

Commander Abilities

The commander is given several unique abilities to assist their team

The use of these powers are limited by their cost in CP (Commander Points).

CP is gained naturally over time, however there are a few methods to increase the amount of CP the team gains.

  1. Losing a building: This causes the natural over time gain of CP to be increased
  2. Killing a Q-Spotted Vehicle or Infantry (Commander Q-Spotted only)

The cost of the power being used is subtracted from the current team total.


  • Scout Plane
  • Smoke Air-Strike
  • EMP Air-Strike
  • Cruise Missile Strike
  • <Offensive Buff Name>
  • <Defensive Buff Name>


  • Scout Plane
  • Smoke Air-Strike
  • EMP Air-Strike
  • Cruise Missile Strike
  • Peace through Power
  • <Defensive Buff Name>

Other Responsibilities