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Console is an in-game text terminal, granting some extent of flexibility to players. It is accessed by pressing tilde ( ~ sign under your escape key, although this varies depending on what kind of keyboard you have).


Commands will be displayed in bold letters, while variables will be in italic.

  • donate playerX amountY transfer Y of credits to playerX.
  • switchteam self-explanatory. if the teams are already uneven against yours, you won't be able to successfully execute this command.
  • startfire This command will enable you to constantly shoot with the weapon's main fire without needing to use right-click. It is commonly used by players with Repair Guns firing at Master Control Terminals that need to go AFK. A right-click or a sprint will cancel this command.
  • startaltfire Same as above, the difference being that the weapon's alternate fire is used. It does nothing on weapons without an alternate fire mode.
  • suicide This command will cause you to commit suicide. Usually used to quickly return back if the base is in peril.

Host Commands

These commands are only available on skirmish/ server you're host of.

  • god Toggles invulnerability on/off
  • fly Allows the player to fly around
  • ghost Disables collision, allowing the player to phase through obstacles.
  • walk Disables Fly and Ghost
  • givecredits Gives the player credits (10,000)
  • allammo Infinite Ammo (refills to full when empty)
  • allweapons Gives Weapons (adds non-renegade weapons: working Link Gun with repairing/damaging arc that takes ownership of vehicles, a dud, rocket launcher, and a Shock Rifle)
  • setspeed X Changes player movement Speed to X
  • changesize X Changes player size (1.0 default, can't exit vehicle when used)
  • setgravity X Changes the map's gravity (0 default)
  • summon <object> Spawns an object
  • set <object> MaxSpeed Y -- Set <Object>'s Maximum Speed to Y(doesn't always work)

Known Object List

  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_A10 //A10 Warthog(recommended lowering maxspeed on flying maps, more room on non-flying maps)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_C130 //C130 Nod Airplane(flies but doesn't shoot, too big for current flying maps)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Humvee
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_GDI
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MRLS
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MediumTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MammothTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_GDI
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Orca
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Buggy
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_Nod
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Artillery
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_LightTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_StealthTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_Nod
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Apache
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Wolverine
  • RenX_game.TS_Vehicle_HoverMRLS
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Buggy
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_ReconBike
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_TickTank
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_MammothMarkII //should work, but it doesn't. Needs verification.
  • RenX_game.APB_Vehicle_TeslaTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_Turret (always nod)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_GuardTower
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_GunEmplacement
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_CeilingTurret
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_SamSite
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_Obelisk_Laser_Base (magical laser from the sky, always nod)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_AGT_Rockets_Base (spawns hating everybody, spawns under you)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_AGT_MG_Base (floating machine gun that shoots backwards, always gdi, spawns under you)

All objects are stored in similiar form in RenegadeX/UDKGame/CookedPC subfolders.