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Console is an in-game text terminal, granting some extent of flexibility to players. It is accessed by pressing tilde ( ~ sign under your escape key, although this varies depending on what kind of keyboard you have).


Commands will be displayed in bold letters, while variables will be in italic.

  • donate playerX amountY transfer Y of credits to playerX.
  • switchteam self-explanatory. if the teams are already uneven against yours, you won't be able to successfully execute this command.
  • startfire This command will enable you to constantly shoot with the weapon's main fire without needing to use right-click. It is commonly used by players with Repair Guns firing at Master Control Terminals that need to go AFK. A right-click or a sprint will cancel this command.
  • startaltfire Same as above, the difference being that the weapon's alternate fire is used. It does nothing on weapons without an alternate fire mode.
  • suicide This command will cause you to commit suicide. Usually used to quickly return back if the base is in peril.
  • reconnect Reconnects your client to server, same as quitting the game and entering again. Used to resolve some of the bugs without taking the chance of your place of the server being taken by other players waiting to enter the game

Host Commands

These commands are only available on skirmish/ server you're host of.

  • god Toggles invulnerability on/off
  • fly Allows the player to fly around
  • ghost Disables collision, allowing the player to phase through obstacles.
  • walk Disables Fly and Ghost
  • givecredits Gives the player credits (10,000)
  • allammo Infinite Ammo (refills to full when empty)
  • giveweapon <object> add a specified weapon to your character. bots, beware of SBH snipers!
  • allweapons Gives Weapons (adds non-renegade weapons: working Link Gun with repairing/damaging arc that takes ownership of vehicles, a dud, rocket launcher, and a Shock Rifle)
  • setspeed X Changes player movement Speed to X
  • changesize X Changes player size (1.0 default, can't exit vehicle when used)
  • setgravity X Changes the map's gravity (0 default)
  • summon <object> Spawns an object
  • set <object> MaxSpeed Y -- Set <Object>'s Maximum Speed to Y(doesn't always work)

Known Object List

  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_A10 //A10 Warthog(recommended lowering maxspeed on flying maps, more room on non-flying maps)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_C130 //C130 Nod Airplane(flies but doesn't shoot, too big for current flying maps)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Humvee
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_GDI
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MRLS
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MediumTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MammothTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_GDI
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Orca
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Buggy
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_Nod
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Artillery
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_LightTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_StealthTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_Nod
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Apache
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Wolverine
  • RenX_game.TS_Vehicle_HoverMRLS
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Buggy
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_ReconBike
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_TickTank
  • RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_MammothMarkII //should work, but it doesn't. Needs verification.
  • RenX_game.APB_Vehicle_TeslaTank
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_Turret (always nod)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_GuardTower
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_GunEmplacement
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_CeilingTurret
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Defence_SamSite
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_Obelisk_Laser_Base (magical laser from the sky, always nod)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_AGT_Rockets_Base (spawns hating everybody, spawns under you)
  • RenX_Game.Rx_Sentinel_AGT_MG_Base (floating machine gun that shoots backwards, always gdi, spawns under you)

All objects are stored in similiar form in RenegadeX/UDKGame/CookedPC subfolders.