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|above = EMP Grenade
|above = EMP Grenade
|image = [[File:EMPGrenade.jpg|240px]]  
|image = [[File:EMPGrenade.jpg|240px]]  

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EMP Grenade
Carried by
Type Grenade
Function Anti-vehicle/Anti-stealth/disarms Proximity C4
Projectile Speed 1500
Range 2800
Recharge 60 seconds
Clip 1
Magazine Infinite
Proximity C4 Disarm Damage
  • 1 (Recruit)
  • 1.5 (Veteran)
  • 2 (Elite)
  • 2.5 (Heroic)

The EMP is a special utility weapon employed to stop incoming vehicles, disable stealth, or to defuse Proximity C4.


The EMP Grenade is an oval-shaped grenade surrounded by a glowing blue line on the center, along with a pin on the top.


The EMP Grenade generates an EMP field a short moment after being thrown. EMP Grenades are mostly used to stop enemy vehicles, slow downing vehicle repair, and deals a total of 30 damage to it, in six cycles dealing 5 damage each. in their tracks for a short period, albeit it does not stop them from firing. They can be employed to temporarily stop incoming vehicle rushes and buy some time or stop vehicles to retreat back.

Next, EMP Grenades can be used to quickly disarm enemy Proximity C4; one must wait for the EMP field to dissipate before the mines are defused. Note that the blue EMP field is also easily noticeable by enemy infantry in their base, so caution is advised.

Veterancy ranks will increase the potency and the duration of the EMP field, meaning that it takes shorter periods of time to defuse Proximity C4.

Lastly, EMP Greandes can also be employed to forcefully deprive the stealth capabilities of Stealth Black Hands and Stealth Tanks, while also holding the latter in place. Still, EMP Grenades are highly visible due to their blue outline that they leave when thrown, and stealthy players will mostly move away from the grenade before it goes off should they spot it.

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