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Faction Both
Function Support/Defense Infantry
Health 100
  • 75 (Recruit)
  • 100 (Veteran)
  • 125 (Elite)
  • 150 (Heroic)
Armor Type Flak
Primary Weapon Repair Gun
Sidearm Silenced Pistol
Speed 90
Cost $0

The Engineer is the most basic support Infantry of the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.



The Engineer of the Global Defense Initiative is a man wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, a yellow engineering vest with GDI symbol on the back and a construction worker cap.


The Engineer of the Brotherhood of Nod is a man wearing a white shirt, red jeans and an engineering vest with the Nod symbol on the back of the vest, a construction worker cap and a black helmet masking his face.

Primary Weapon

Repair Gun is a short-ranged weapon which, including it's variations, is the only tool capable of restoring health and armor of your teammates, neutral and friendly objects and Buildings. It's emitting a blue, jagged beam creating an effect of soldering upon contact with object elligible for repairs. A single Repair Gun takes 30 seconds to fully restore armor of a building when shooting at MCT.


The engineer can be used in the base and the frontline. In the base, they are responsible for keeping the building's armor healthy. They serve as mostly support unit in the field, firing Repair Gun to heal infantries and fix vehicles' damage. In enemy's base however, they are very destructive, equipped with a pair of Remote C4s and a Timed C4, able to deal considerable damage to a healthy building. In return, they're also used to disarm enemy C4s planted on vehicles/buildings. They can also disarm their own Proximity C4 (provided the Engineers previously planted mines as Hotwire/Technician)



Engineers are very useful in base, usually serving as a backup class once advanced engineer classes such as Hotwire or Technician is unavailable. They can repair structures, and disarm C4s and mines. In the field, they're vital for keeping the vehicles alive. However, they're very susceptible to enemy bullets, and slightly more resillient against explosives. This class can be used for early rushes that can cost enemy their buildings.

Two engineers are all that it takes to completely annihilate a building instantly. Make sure to time your remote C4s to blow up the same time as the timed C4, and make sure your teammate places their timed C4s the same time as you do. Also make sure they hit the Master Control Terminal

As a base defense, always keep an eye on any mine reduction. Once a building is under attack, be quick to repair it before it blows up. If an enemy engineer already places their C4s on the Master Control Terminal, you have to determine whether you have time to disarm them, and if you're able to without dying.

Engineers are common drivers of vehicles for their repair capability.


Engineers are by far the weakest infantry only equipped with Silenced Pistol and C4s. While a good engineer can escape your grasp and even kill you while they're at it, the key is to watch out for C4 throws and make use of AP based weapons.

Keep an eye on mine counts. Once they enter the building, be quick to dispatch them.

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