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* [[Advanced Guard Tower]]
* [[Advanced Guard Tower]]
* [[Guard Tower]]
* [[Guard Tower]]
* [[SAM Site|Anti-Air Tower]]
* [[Anti-Air Tower]]

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The Global Defense Initiative, also known simply as GDI, is a faction in the C&C universe across many of its games, and returns as one of the two playable factions in Renegade X. They are an international joint military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, frequently in combat against their main enemy faction, the Brotherhood of Nod.

GDI's theme is that of a NATO-style military, along with uniform, rank, structure, and combat. Their leaders are Commander Mark Sheppard and Brigadier General Adam Locke, with the collaboration of world leaders. Their infantry range from stock standard issue military firearms, to advanced modern military munitions, to field-ready R&D prototypes. Their cavalry bear the resemblance of stock military tanks, jeeps, APCs, missile carriers, and VTOL fighter jets. Their infantry are garrisoned in military-style Barracks, and vehicles are manufactured on-site at the Weapons Factory. Their combat support includes A10 Strafing Runs and Orbital Ion-Cannon Strikes.