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|data6 = 60
|data6 = 60
|label7 = Reload
|label7 = Reload
|data7 = 3
|data7 = 3 seconds
|label8 = Health
|label8 = Health
|data8 = 1000
|data8 = 1000

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Guard Tower
Faction GDI
Function Automated Defense
Damage 12
Rate of Fire 0.08 Seconds
Magazine Size 60
Reload 3 seconds
Health 1000

The Guard Tower is a low-level defense structure belonging to the Global Defense Initiative. It does not deactivate upon destruction of the Power Plant. It automatically attacks nearby tanks and infantry with bursts of gunfire. It is more effective on infantry than vehicles.


Guard Towers contribute significantly to base defenses, and have lower health and no interior or Master Control Terminal. They are a smart target in leau of a building under repair. Destroying them early, opens the base up to foot infantry, as they are much more threatening to infantry than the Turret. One tip, is to step out just enough for it to try to attack, so it wastes the magazine and allows you time to run between cover while it reloads.