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RenX Map Hourglass.png
Game mode Command & Conquer
Size Medium
Style Symmetrical
Recommended players 32
Air vehicles Disabled
Tech buildings Silo
Uplink Station
Base defences Full
Internal name CNC-Hourglass
Creator TheDeadlyWolf

Hourglass is a Command & Conquer map.


A dark map with a large hill in the center separating the bases. The hill top has an abundance of blue tiberium to harvest. There is rain and a lightning storm ongoing while playing the map.


Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Base defenses
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Base defenses


Hourglass was once a peaceful harvesting Island for Tiberium crystals, now a war zone. It has unique future testing facilities such as an Uplink Station to disable advanced base defences – Obelisk and Advanced Guard Tower and features a mini replica of Scrin’s sacred temple, showing it’s their territory.

There are ladders on either side of the large hill leading to a vantage point just above the waterfall, overlooking the Tiberium field.

Reinforcement Tiberian Sun vehicles will arrive at the back of each base behind the wall, after around 30 minutes of playing the map.


  • The original Hourglass in C&C Renegade was a desert map in daylight with a clear sky.
  • The original Hourglass did not have an Uplink Station or Scrin Temple