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[[Renegade X]] is a free Tactical Shooter that brings the Command and Conquer FPS experience to Unreal Engine 3. [[Renegade X]] is developed by [[Totem Arts]], an independent group of Command & Conquer fans from around the world dedicated to bringing the world of C&C to you, up close and personal.
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Players will be able to join up to 64 players and fight for two unique teams - the [[Global Defense Initiative]] (GDI), a UN international military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, and the [[Brotherhood of Nod]], a messianic international terrorist network that aims to push humanity into the next stage of human evolution.
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Originally set to be remake of Westwood Studios' ''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_%26_Conquer:_Renegade Command and Conquer: Renegade]'', [[Renegade X]] has evolved into the spiritual successor to the 2002 classic. [[Renegade X]] recreates and modernizes the game's unmatched multiplayer mode.
The objective of the game is to destroy your enemy's base while protecting your own. Players will be able to manage their own economies, choose from over 30 [[weapons]], 15 [[vehicles]], and call in [[Nuclear Strike]]s, [[Ion Cannon]]s, [[Airstrike]]s, and much more. Each team will have a base of operations that is composed of several key [[buildings]]. Each building has its own purpose, and when a [[building]] is destroyed, the affiliated team loses the benefits it once granted.
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We believe that this game mode - [[Command & Conquer|Command & Conquer Mode]] - can potentially revolutionize the FPS genre. It is the gem that went unnoticed for many years. Now is the time to uncover it.
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The most current multiplayer beta can be found on the [https://renegade-x.com/files/ downloads page], along with the [[SDK]] which can be used to create custom [[levels]] and modifications.
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