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RenX Map Paradise.png
Game mode Command & Conquer
Size Large
Style Symmetrical
Recommended players 64
Air vehicles Disabled
Tech buildings Silo x2
Communications Center
Base defences Full
Internal name CNC-Paradise
Creator DoctorAnubis

Paradise is a defunct Command & Conquer map that was completed, but never made it into a patch.


The battlefield is set in a tropical island, with a jungle amidst a volcano and a pool of lava. Most of the buildings are slightly modified with additional walls or ladders. Map features a security room with MCT for both teams, with cameras situated in various locations around the base.


Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Base defenses
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Base defenses


Nod and GDI control opposite sides of a tropical island. Each teams buildings are separated by a cliff; Infantry and Auto Defence Structures on the outer beach and Vehicle and Refinery Structures on the inner beach. The separating cliff hosts a short tunnel which has access to additional purchase terminals and a security office. The office contains an alarm system and it powers automated Ceiling Turrets. The tunnel system is also home the teams Power Plant; with no external structure exposed, the power plants are only vulnerable to direct infiltration.

The most direct route to across the Island leaves players vulnerable to attack from various sniper perches situated within the cliff and tunnel systems. An adjacent volcano provides an alternate route for infantry and vehicles, providing cover and the possibility to flank enemy defences.

Away from the beaches and surrounding the volcano is a dense jungle, providing plenty of cover which can be utilised to ambush or sneak past opponents. The jungle is rich in tiberium, team harvesters will drive a short distance into the jungle to gather resources. There are 2 capturable Silos at either end of the jungle, a team which controls both silos simultaneously will unlock tiberium weaponry for use with any character, to be collected from the Refinery.

On the edge of the volcano, a Communications Center sits atop a pool of lava, successfully capturing the site will improve the teams radar capabilities as well activate 2 additional purchase terminals within the main base tunnel systems, greatly aiding with defence.


  • This map is the only other tropical map other than Islands