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The term "Pointwhoring" refers to tactic adopted by the players, usually employed to earn a steady amount of Credits; it is also a viable tactic in All Out War, since it will raise the chances for the team to win, even if they lose one or two Buildings.

The most common form of pointwhoring is continuously hitting an opponent's building; while long-range weapons, such as Rocket Launchers or long-range vehicles, such as Mobile Rocket Launcher System/ Artillery are preferable due to lower chances of retaliation, tank fire will also work well for such tactic, as long as it hits the building. Usually, someone who employs pointwhoring will keep attacking even if they know that they will not be able to destroy the building, since their goal is to accumulate points and credits.

A counter to pointwhoring would be to let the struck building be destroyed, in order to prevent opponents to gain points from it; however, a recent patch diminished the points rewarded when damaging building armor by a multiplier of 0.5x, but it increased the points rewarded when damaging building health by a multiplier of x5, discouraging the defending team to purposely lose the building.

Taking the center and chokepoints of the map and not making a push towards the opponent's base while shelling it from afar is also considered pointwhoring at some extent, although players may refer such as camping instead.

Two more terms, Cratewhoring and Killwhoring are also two tactics that can be employed in tandem with pointwhoring, especially with the faction that holds the field, and has their opponents trapped inside of their base.


This tactic consists of claiming all the Mystery Crates on the map, even if they may yield negative effects, in order to deny the opponent the opportunity of claiming them. For example, a death or nuclear crate (as long is not near the allied forces shelling the opponent base) would still be better compared to an enemy Stealth Black Hand slipping behind lines, getting a Mammoth Tank in a crate, and start wreaking havoc from behind.


This tactic consists of killing all the opponent infantries when they try to leave their base, or even when they try to leave the building where they respawed in. While sniper-class infantries are more suited for this, any type of infantry will perform well, as long they manage to kill the enemy without letting them slip through. However, this strategy is frowned upon and possibly seen as "trolling" since the players doing the killwhoring seek either to increase their kill/death ratios or cause frustration to their opponents; this will keep the match going on and possibly cause players from the losing team to leave the match or declare a surrender.