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Renegade X is a First/Third Person Tactical Shooter. Two factions, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod), are locked into a conflict over the green and mysterious resource Tiberium. The primary game mode is Command & Conquer (C&C/CNC), where your objective is to destroy your enemy's base using any and all means necessary.


Each base consists of a set of buildings. These buildings vary from level to level, as decided by the level designer. There are a total of 8 buildings. Both teams may make use of a Power Plant to provide power to advanced base defenses, and a Refinery to provide war funds. A core component of the GDI base is the Barracks, which provides access to advanced infantry classes. For vehicles, GDI uses an on-field Weapons Factory to construct vehicles ranging from the speedy Humvee to the powerful Mammoth Tank. On levels that make use of advanced base defenses GDI uses the Advanced Guard Tower, which is armed with 4 automated gun turrets and an automated rocket turret. Similar to GDI's Barracks, the Hand of Nod provides Nod with advanced infantry classes. Instead of constructing tanks in the battle zone, Nod makes use of an Airstrip to airdrop vehicles such as Nod Artillery and Stealth Tanks. On levels that make use of advanced base defenses Nod uses the Obelisk of Light, which is armed with a powerful laser. Many maps also include one or more capturable Silos, which provide a team with a constant economic income boost.

On some levels, bases may be defended by automated defenses such as Nod Turrets, GDI Guard Towers, Nod SAM Sites, and GDI AA Towers. Manual defenses also exist, such as Rocket Emplacements and Gun Emplacements