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Renegade X Logo.png
Renegade X
Developer Totem Arts
Version Patch 5.465
(September 15, 2020)
Date released Renegade X UT3
September 30, 2009
Renegade X: Black Dawn
January 28, 2012
Renegade X standalone
February 26, 2014
Renegade X: Firestorm
TBA 2021
Genre First/third-person shooter
Engine Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)
Game modes Multiplayer

Renegade X is a first/third-person tactical shooter with real-time strategy elements developed by Totem Arts. It is a free, fan remake of Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Two factions, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod), are locked into a conflict over the green and mysterious resource Tiberium. The primary game mode is Command & Conquer (C&C/CnC), where your objective is to destroy your enemy's base using any and all means necessary.


Renegade X is set in an alternate modern history, where in 1995 a mysterious alien crystalline substance called Tiberium arrives on Earth near the Tiber river. The Global Defense Initiative is an international security force set to combat global terrorism. Conceived as a united peacekeeping military force, GDI depends on the technological sophistication of its weaponry, and the superior training and loyalties of its officers. GDI looks to halt the spread of Tiberium, which is gradually destroying the Earth and killing off millions of people.

At the same time, the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the charismatic leader known only as Kane, grew to prominence. Working largely in third world countries, wherever there was discontent and unrest, there was Kane. With the promise of a New World Order and bankrolled by the illicit Tiberium research and trade that Kane made famous, Nod began to gain power. A few scattered, disaffected units grew into an army with powerful atomic weaponry, ruthless tactics, and a Tiberian fortune. The Brotherhood aims to push humanity into the next stage of evolution via Tiberium mutation.

Where GDI stands for international stability and the removal of the Tiberium contagion, Nod seeks to overthrow the established order and build a world centred on Tiberium research.


Renegade X, formerly known as Renegade 2007, Started off as an Unreal Tournament 3 Mod which saw it's first public release on September 30th, 2007. At this stage, the game only had 2 maps (Islands and Field) and were still missing certain characters and aircraft. The game received several patches over the course of over a year, but were considering to make a standalone version of the game using the then still brand new UDK engine after only a couple of months. On October 1st 2010, They released their last major patch, and after that progress mostly halted on this mod in favour of developing a standalone version, which was by then renamed to Renegade X in early 2008.

A mini-singleplayer campaign named Black Dawn was released on February 28th, 2012, about 10 years after C&C Renegade's release, which was downloaded over 200.000 times from the official website over the course of 6 months. Reasons why Black Dawn was released before the multiplayer version was explained in a Game design podcast. Several reasons were expanding the game into the Standalone territory, and to test certain aspects of the game which could already be developed in the new engine, such as models, props and weapon handling.

Development continued on a multiplayer version, and the game entered Open Beta phase on 26th February 2014, exactly 12 years after C&C Renegade's North America release. After this release, development continues up to this day, with 5 open beta versions released.



Each base consists of a set of main buildings. These buildings vary from level to level, as decided by the level designer. There are currently a total of 11 different types of main buildings. Both teams may make use of a Power Plant to provide power to advanced base defenses, a Tiberium Refinery to provide war funds, and a Repair Facility to repair damaged vehicles. A core component of the GDI base is the Barracks, which provides access to advanced infantry classes. For vehicles, GDI uses an on-field Weapons Factory to construct vehicles ranging from the speedy Humvee to the powerful Mammoth Tank. On levels that make use of advanced base defenses GDI uses the Advanced Guard Tower, which is armed with 4 automated gun turrets and an automated rocket turret. Similar to GDI's Barracks, the Hand of Nod provides Nod with advanced infantry classes. Instead of constructing tanks in the battle zone, Nod makes use of an Airstrip to airdrop vehicles such as Mobile Artillery and Stealth Tanks. On levels that make use of advanced base defenses Nod uses the Obelisk of Light, which is armed with a powerful laser. Many maps also include one or more capturable tech building Silos, which provide a team with a constant economic income boost.

On some levels, bases may be defended by automated defenses such as Turrets, Guard Towers, SAM Sites, and Anti-Air Towers. Manual defenses also exist, such as Rocket Emplacements and Gun Emplacements


Project Lead and Sound Engineer

Bilal 'FobbyGen' Bakri

Lead Artist and Producer

Thom 'TK0104' Keuken

Lead Programmer and System Admin

Isa 'Handepsilon' Handoyo

Lead Programmer

Daniel 'RypeL' Bockmann

Senior Programmers

Eugen 'Pr0eX' Gerner
Shahman 'Roxez' Teh
Sean 'Yosh56' Nolan


John 'Avalanche' Melton
Tom 'halo2pac' Cables
Joe 'coffeeburrito' Wakefield
Jeroen 'Chaos_Alfa' Houttuin
Franklin Iheanacho
Wiebe 'GreaseMonk' Geertsma
Zach 'triggerhappy' Gray
Rob 'Schmitzenbergh' Smit
Craig 'ShrewdTactician' Emmott
Mark 'AlienX' Phillips
Randy 'SonnyX' von der Weide
Daniil 'UsedC' Mitrofanov
Gary 'SgtIgram' Uhlig
Mike Geig

General Artists

Richard 'Ric' Jeffery
Robin 'Nielsen' Nielsen
Martin 'JeepRubi' Palko
Martin 'tintin' Sanchez
Sander 'ZixXer' Vereecken
Evan 'HappyConscript' Brooks
Matthew 'maty' McDonald
Simon 'kenz3001' Mckenzie
Ruud 'Ruud003' Gunnewiek
Jos 'Henk' Vermeulen
Sam 'SMayhew' Mayhew
Ryan Wongwai
James Bruner
Denis dos Santos
Fedor Kurmazov
Yaroslav Baryshev
Kamal Afiq Kamarul Bahri
Ettienne 'Xelus' Vorster

General Labour


Public Relations & Web Development

Aaron 'Jam' Imming

Web Development Assistant

Remy 'Uncut' Lagerweij

System Administrators

David 'Speedy' Ellsworth
Danny 'fffreak9999' Blake
Bryan Kloossterboer


Kris 'PermaGrin' Ducote
Paolo 'Sinfect' Damaso

Contributing Artists

Rober 'Killa' Baker
Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt
Elizabeth 'tomato' Deacon
Chris 'MightyBOB!' Kohl
Shaun 'WNxKain' Slater
Alexander 'Deathlink' Trautmann
Craig 'Glacious' Cooper
Bruno 'owhenky' Freitas
Rafael Morais
Shaikh Zhafri
Cody Vogel
Juan Villegas
Jakub Janiak
Jordan Brooker
Benjamin Allen
Daniel Kamentsky
Nathan Elliott
Alec Claravall
Mason Rosenquist

Motion Designer

David Kashevsky

Voice Actors

Sonya Cerdan
Ty Konzak
CJ Williams
Justin 'theGunrun' Ignacio
Isaak 'Kraftsman' Kraft van Ermel

Music & Sound Engineer

Sebastian Aav
Paul Curtis
Niels van der Leest
Adam Prack
Maarten Bonder

Former Developers

Waqas 'Havoc89' Iqbal
Sarah 'buttons' Evans
Jessica 'Agent'

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