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* [[Power Plant]]
* [[Power Plant]]
|defenses  =  
|defenses  =  
* [[Guard Tower]] x2
* [[Turret]] x2
* [[Guard Tower]]
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{{Clear left}}

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RenX Map Reservoir.png
Game mode Command & Conquer
Size Medium
Style Symmetrical
Recommended players 32
Air vehicles Disabled
Tech buildings Silo
Base defences Basic
Internal name CNC-Reservoir
Creator Henk

Reservoir is a Command & Conquer map.


The Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod engage in a battle for the control of a old but pivotal Dam built nearby. Outside Reservoir appears verdant and plain, with several rocks and trees, perfect for vehicle warfare. To those seeking to wage war on foot, the interior of the Dam offers a variety of different floors and plenty of cover.


Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Base defenses
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Base defenses


Infantry paths: The Dam is the main infantry path, featuring three floor levels and a roof. The roof of the Dam creates a short path in between both bases, with a catwalk allowing infantry to enter the third floor. The second floor can be accessed from outside by another set of catwalks, reached through climbing a land ramp. The first floor can be entered from the base of the Dam; it is an infantry area since tank obstacles deny vehicle movement in the surrounding area.

Two set of stairs located inside on the edge of the Dam rooms also allow transition between floors.

The Dam's Master Control Terminal is located in the center of the second floor. A small alcove, featuring two bay doors, is also located behind the Dam's MCT. Upon capture of the Dam, the opposite team's bay door will open up (i.e. Nod bay door will open up when GDI captures the Dam), revealing a narrow passage leading to the back of the base's Power Plant. The passage ends with a height difference, meaning that players will be able to jump out but unable to jump back into the passage.

Infantry rushes may also employ the passageway to swiftly reach and attack the Power Plant. If the opponent team captures the Dam's MCT, thus closing the bay door, while players are still inside the passage, those players will either have to jump out or wait for allies to recapture the Dam's MCT.

Section of terrain near each base's vehicle production building (Weapons Factory for GDI, Airstrip for Nod) are also barred to vehicles by tank obstacles.

Vehicle paths: Vehicles can drive almost everywhere in the valley that is not blocked by tank obstacles. Each base has a wide exit and the river valley features a Silo, along with three bridges plus a land bridge for vehicles to cross the aforementioned river.

Lastly, there is a small path, accessible to vehicles, leading to a lookout facing the Nod Tiberium Refinery and the rest of the base.

Mystery Crates: Two appear in the field, one on each side of the river; one appears just above the Dam's water releasing tubes on the ground floor; another is located at the center of the first floor of the Dam; the last one appears on the land bridge, near the Silo.

Harvested Tiberium field: each faction harvests the field inside their base.


Battlefield control

Control of the Dam will deter enemy infiltrators, especially by keeping the Dam's MCT under control; it will also allow allied players to try to sneak in. Control of the field will be paramount for a besieging the enemy base; it will also procure control the Silo for extra credits. A strong vehicle presence backed up by Engineers in the valley and an infantry presence on the roof of the Dam will trap the opponent team into their base.

Should the aforementioned infantry presence unable to be assembled, reasons ranging from lack of manpower or lack of interest by the team, patrols can be stationed at the entrance of the Dam's roof path and behind the Power Plant to keep deterring enemy infiltrators.

Sneaking options

Each base two rocks near their Dam roof entrances that players can hide behind and employ to avoid automated defenses fire. Infiltrators may reach the opponent team's infantry production building (Barracks for GDI and Hand of Nod for Nod) and the Nod Power Plant with minimal or no interference from automated defenses should they known the defenses' workings. Still, it is advised to take down the defenses beforehand to maximize the chances of success when sneaking in.

The Dam's secret passage will lead very closely towards the base's Guard Tower (the rear one for GDI); from here, infantry can lob Timed C4/Remote C4 and blast the tower in order to destroy it. The tower's gun can be avoided by staying under it. Once the Guard Tower is destroyed, infiltrators will be able to use the passage as an additional means to get inside the base, possibly stay hidden behind the Power Plant, and make a run for the nearby buildings when the time is right.

Even with the defenses down, there are only few trees and rocks at the center of the base that provide cover; however, an infiltrator who managed to reach the Refinery could hide within the circular paths near the Tiberium field; only the most dedicated patrols are most likely to pass by these paths, especially knowing that said paths lead to nowhere in particular. GDI infiltrators might be able to hide behind edges on the Nod lookout path.

In the field, there are few trees, a crane, and some cement pipes that provide cover; still, players can also hide below the metal bridges (the wood one is blocked off by its supporting bars). Players could also hide behind the Dam's vertical tubes located at the center of the Dam's base.

Inside the Dam, every floor has some sort of cover, ranging from crates, tables, sandbags, barrels, to the Dam's machinery. Notably, the third floor has less cover compared to the other floor. The Dam's roof has only a couple of machinery that player could use as cover.

With the automated defenses down, Stealth Tanks will be able to hide in the wide areas behind the Tiberium Refinery. Traffic will be low as those who would bother to venture far away from the base in search of stealth would only be the dedicated patrols.

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