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Each setting may be a: (B) Boolean: TRUE/FALSE (I) Integer: Number (S) String: Words/Letters

Setting Location Section Parameter Format Default Verified Examples Explanation
Admins Steam Auto Login UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_AccessControl bSteamAuthAdmins (B) FALSE FALSE bSteamAuthAdmins=False Automatic granting of administration privilages (from the server (as per adminlogin)) based on the user's Steam ID. If I remember correctly. (from Fffreak9999)
Allow Bots UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bBotsDisabled (B) FALSE TRUE bBotsDisabled=False Are bots allowed on the server.
Allow PowerUp Drops UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bAllowPowerUpDrop (B) TRUE FALSE bAllowPowerUpDrop=true When a player dies, should there be a such as random drop such as Health, Armour and Ammo (from Fffreak9999)
Allow private messaging UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bAllowPrivateMessaging (B) TRUE FALSE bAllowPrivateMessaging=True Can players private message each other.
Allow private messaging with team only UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bPrivateMessageTeamOnly (B) FALSE bPrivateMessageTeamOnly=False Can players private message only their team mates.
Balance Teams UDKGame.ini UTGame.UTTeamGame bPlayersBalanceTeams (B) TRUE FALSE bPlayersBalanceTeams=TRUE Should the server balance the teams at match start.
Bot attack % UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game (NOD/GDI)AttackingValue (I) BLANK TRUE GDIAttackingValue=75 How much the bots will try to attack, vs defend.
Bot Count Commandline N/A (NOD/GDI)BotCount (I) BLANK TRUE udk.exe server CNC-Field?NODBotCount=8?GDIBotCount=8 How many bots to put into the server.
Bot Skill UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game [NOD/GDI]Difficulty (I) BLANK FALSE NodDifficulty=60 Skill level of the bots.
Broadcast admins UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_AccessControl bBroadcastAdminIdentity (B) FALSE FALSE bBroadcastAdminIdentity=False Should the server announce when admins login.
Can admin pause game UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo bAdminCanPause (B) FALSE FALSE bAdminCanPause=false Can the server admins pause the game.
Can Change Levels UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo bChangeLevels (B) TRUE FALSE bChangeLevels=False Can mods change the map.
Client processing time UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game ClientProcessingTimeout (I) 30 FALSE ClientProcessingTimeout=300 How long player’s computers have to load a map before being dropped.
Crate respawn time UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game CrateRespawnAfterPickup (I) 30 FALSE CrateRespawnAfterPickup=30.000000 How long after being picked up should the create respawn.
Disable Demo Requests UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bDisableDemoRequests (B) FALSE FALSE bDisableDemoRequests=False Should players be able to start a demo recording on the server. See Demos in info section.
Donations disable time UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game DonationsDisabledTime (I) 180 FALSE DonationsDisabledTime=180 How long until donations can be made.
Dynamic Bandwidth (!) Currently ignored. UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo (Max/Min)DynamicBandwidth (I) 7000/4000 FALSE MaxDynamicBandwidth=7000 How much bandwidth to user per player. Is an older feature used for changing player maxclientrate based on their ping.
Fixed match rotation UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bFixedMapRotation (B) FALSE TRUE bFixedMapRotation=False Should the map list rotation be enforced. No vote for map selection, etc.
Force player ready UDKGame.ini UTGame.UTGame bPlayersMustBeReady (B) FALSE FALSE bPlayersMustBeReady=false Should the game wait for the players to mark themselves ready before starting the match.
Force respawn UDKGame.ini UTGame.UTGame bForceRespawn (B) FALSE bForceRespawn=true TRUE Force player to respawn after spawn timer, or allow player to sit on class selection after spawn timer.
Game Password UDKGame.ini Engine.AccessControl GamePassword (S) BLANK FALSE GamePassword=secretpassword The server password for players to use to get into the server.
Gore Level UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo GoreLevel (I) 6 FALSE GoreLevel=6 How gory the deaths are.
HTTP Download Compressed UDKEngine.ini IpDrv.HTTPDownload UseCompression (B) FALSE TRUE UseCompression=False Are the files in the http download location compressed?
HTTP Download URL UDKEngine.ini IpDrv.HTTPDownload RedirectToURL (S) TRUE RedirectToURL= The URL location of the files for players to download. All files must be in the root. Must include ending slash. Cannot be an alternate port (Must be port 80). The default is a dev hosted repo for maps.
Ingame admin IP's UDKGame.ini Engine.AccessControl IPPolicies ACCEPT;[IP's] ACCEPT;* FALSE IPPolicies=ACCEPT;* The IP's that are allowed for admins to login to the game. Supports wildcards
List server on launcher UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bListed (B) TRUE FALSE bListed=true Should the server show on the launcher?
Log RCON UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bLogRcon (B) TRUE FALSE bLogRcon=true Should RCON events be logged.
Map List UDKGame.ini UTGame.UTGame GameSpecificMapCycles ((GameClassName="Rx_Game",Maps=("[map1]","[map2]")) GameSpecificMapCycles=(GameClassName="Rx_Game",Maps=("CNC-Field","CNC-Walls_Flying","CNC-GoldRush","CNC-Whiteout","CNC-Islands","CNC-LakeSide","CNC-Mesa","CNC-Volcano","CNC-Xmountain","CNC-Canyon","CNC-Complex","CNC-Under")) TRUE List of maps to have in the server rotation. Doesn’t need the extension on the map name.
Match time limit UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game CnCModeTimeLimit (I) 30 TRUE CnCModeTimeLimit=45 How long does a match go for.
Max Client Rate UDKEngine.ini IpDrv.TcpNetDriver MaxClientRate & MaxInternetClientRate (I) 15000 TRUE MaxClientRate=40000 How much bandwidth is sent to each player.
Max Idle Time UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo MaxIdleTime (I) 300 FALSE MaxIdleTime=300 How long in seconds a player can be idle before being kicked.
Max map voting size UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game MaxMapVoteSize (I) 5 FALSE MaxMapVoteSize=5 How many maps should be in the vote list.
Max Players UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo MaxPlayers (I) 40 TRUE MaxPlayers=40 How many players are supported on the server. Can be raised with mutators.
Message of the Day (!) Currently bugged. UDKGame.ini Engine.GameReplicationInfo MessageOfTheDay (S) FALSE MessageOfTheDay=Play Nice, Play Hard! Message the servers sends as host in game when player joins.
Moderator Password UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_AccessControl ModPassword (S) BLANK TRUE ModPassword=secretpassword The moderator password for ingame moderators.
Player Load Wait Time UDKRenegade.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game NetWait (I) 15 TRUE NetWait=1 How long to wait for other players to load at the start of a match.
RCON Enabled UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Rcon bEnableRcon (B) TRUE FALSE bEnableRcon=True Can programs/mods remotely connect to server. Needed for admin bots like Jupiter.
RCON Max Clients UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Rcon SubscriberLimit (I) 5 FALSE SubscriberLimit=5 How many connections to the server RCON can handle.
RCON Port UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Rcon RconPort (I) -1 FALSE RconPort=-1 What port should rcon run on. -1 means to run on game port.
RCON/Admin Password UDKGame.ini Engine.AccessControl AdminPassword (S) BLANK TRUE AdminPassword=secretpassword The RCON/Admin Password
How many recent maps to exclude UDKRenegade.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game RecentMapsToExclude (I) 3 FALSE RecentMapsToExclude=3 How many of the most recent maps should be removed from the voting options at the end of match.
Require Steam UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_AccessControl bRequireSteam (B) FALSE FALSE bRequireSteam=False Do players need to have steam running.
Reserve vehicles UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bReserveVehiclesToBuyer (B) TRUE FASLE bReserveVehiclesToBuyer=True Should a vehicle be locked to the player when they buy it, for a limited time?
Restart Wait UDKGame.ini UTGame.UTGame RestartWait (I) 30 FALSE How long the server should wait before moving onto the new map (after map voting has finished) RestartWait=15
Server IP Commandline N/A -MULTIHOME (I) BLANK (this runs on all ips) TRUE udk.exe server CNC-Field -MULTIHOME= The IP of the local interface the server will run on.
Server Name UDKGame.ini Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName (S) Renegade X Server TRUE Shrewd Gaming Server The name of the server. Shown in server browser/launcher.
Server Port UDKEngine.ini URL Port (I) 7777 FALSE Port=7777 The server port the game will run on.
Server Tick Rate UDKEngine.ini IpDrv.TcpNetDriver NetServerMaxTickRate (I) 30 FALSE NetServerMaxTickRate=90 The server tick/refresh rate. Think FPS but server side. Will increase bandwidth as it is increased.
Starting Map UDKEngine.ini URL LocalMap (S)  RenX-FrontEndMap.udk TRUE LocalMap=CNC-Islands.udk The map the server starts on.
Wait for player load UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game bWaitForNetPlayers (B) TRUE FALSE bWaitForNetPlayers=false Should the server wait some time for players to load the map.
Spawn crates UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game SpawnCrates (B) TRUE FALSE SpawnCrates=True Should there be creates on the maps.
Spawn credits UDKRenegadeX.ini RenX_Game.Rx_Game InitialCredits (I) 150 FALSE InitialCredits=150 How much money does a player get when they enter the match.
TotalNetBandwidth (!) Currently ignored. UDKGame.ini Engine.GameInfo TotalNetBandwidth (I) 32000 FALSE TotalNetBandwidth=32000 The total amount of bandwidth allowed to be sent by the server. (currently ignored)