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RenX Map Tomb.png
Game mode Command & Conquer
Size Medium
Style Symmetrical
Recommended players 16
Air vehicles Disabled
Tech buildings Silo
Base defences Basic
Internal name CNC-Tomb
Creator TK0104

Tomb is a Command & Conquer map.


Excavations revealed an ancient Egyptian tomb, and both factions are interested in uncovering its secrets, thus conflict occurs. Each base is separated by the tomb and two more routes; one of these has a protective wall and leads to the front of the tomb, the other one leads towards to the Silo.


Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Base defenses
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Base defenses


Infantry paths: The top of the walls in each base can be reached via two catwalks.

The tomb is only accessible for infantry, and it leads to either the opponent base, towards the short vehicle route, or the long vehicle route via two paths, one on the floor above and the other on the floor below. There is also a hill path adjacent to the walls, leading to the top floor of the tomb while overseeing the long vehicle route.

The areas with the tech buildings is only accessible to infantries, as tank blockades and rock effectively obstruct the way for vehicles.

Vehicle paths: A longer path in front of each base's walls, and a short path behind each base's Power Plants, the Silo can be found at the edges of the short path, the Communications Center can be found at the edges of the long path. Each base possesses a Rocket Emplacement that provides defense on the short path.

Mystery Crates: Four appear in the tomb, two near the big rectangular block in the center of the tomb, one on the top floor near the long route and the last one in a room between the center and the bottom floor of the tomb; three appear on the long vehicle path, one at the center of the path, one at the entrance of the bottom floor of the tomb, and the other one behind the big rock on the long vehicle path; the last one appears at the center of the short vehicle path.

Harvested Tiberium field: on the left (right for Nod) of the walled exit from both bases.


Battlefield control

Occupying the long vehicle path will protect the Harvester while destroying the enemy's Harvester; occupying the short vehicle path will ensure control over the Silo. The tomb's base entrance is a high traffic area so an infantry rush might not be that successful from there. Consider employing patrols at the infantry entrances at the tomb and the one at the wall.

Eventually, taking both vehicle paths and controlling the enemy entrance to the tomb will trap the opponents in their base.

Sneaking options

Infiltrators usually will go towards the infantry path on the long vehicle path, sometimes walking through the columns outside of the tomb; their goal being to enter into the enemy base and usually climbing up the wall via the catwalk and waiting for the best period to drop down and infiltrate the Tiberium Refinery. Other infiltrators might enter via the front wall and hide between the metal pillars that are located under the catwalks.

It is also possible to enter the enemy base via the short vehicle path, although the lack of cover might be problematic. The long vehicle path has several rock formations one can hide behind; players may also hide either behind columns outside the tomb or the burning incenses located near the corners of the tomb's interiors.

Stealth Tanks can hide easily inside the enemy base, since there is plenty of space and each building is considerably distant from each other.

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