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RenX Map Valley.png
Game mode Command & Conquer
Size Small
Style Symmetrical
Recommended players 24
Air vehicles Disabled
Tech buildings Silo x4
Base defences Basic
Internal name CNC-Valley
Creator HappyConscript

Valley is a defunct Command & Conquer map.


Conflict between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod ensues in a small valley, where Vehicles cannot maneuver properly around and Tiberium is scarce, thus making the placement of Tiberium Refineries and Weapons Factories/Airstrips not possible within both bases, deciding to only rely on Infantry to take the valley.

Each base has a Silo waiting to be captured, along with two more Silos in middle of the battlefield.


Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Base defenses
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Base defenses


Infantry paths: There are three infantry routes that players can cross to reach the opponent base: the left one (right for Nod) leads to a large path with a Silo and a small lake on the left; the middle one goes uphill and has an overlook cliff facing the right path; the right one (left for Nod) goes downhill and has another small route leading to a small place with a Silo on the right part of the map.

Vehicle paths: There are no vehicle paths due to the lack of vehicle production buildings.

Mystery Crates: Only two in total: the first is found on top of the overlook cliff on the middle path, and the second is found near the path towards the right Silo. No vehicles can be acquired from Mystery Crates in this map.

Harvested Tiberium field: Some Tiberium is present on the uphill path but none is actually harvested.


Battlefield control

Since infantry does not possess the capability to sustain much damage as vehicles do, clashes between each team will usually be swift, often resulting in pushing back and forth, depending on the prowess of the players. Infantry rushes are the only viable option in taking the enemy base out.

Each base has two watchtowers that snipers may climb to have a better line of sight on the battlefield.

Nonetheless, control of the Silos in the battlefield will provide a steady income of Credits for players to purchase advanced infantry, while denying increased credit gain to the opposite team.

Sneaking options

Valley features plenty of rocks and some trees that players may hide behind; diving into the lake on the left path is also a viable effective hiding spot.

Each base has one small automated defense that covers all the entrances to alert their teams of possible infiltration, albeit if the infiltrator is skilled enough, they will be able to work around it unhindered. Once inside the base, rocks, foliage, buildings' backs, and the faction's Silo are all feasible hiding spots while waiting for the best moment to sneak into the enemy building.


  • Valley was the first infantry-only map.

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