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Size Large
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 40
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings Tiberium Silo x1
Base Defenses N/A
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant


Autumn breeze traverses down the mountain valley, giving colors and life to trees and the environment, where both factions clash against each other, struggling for control of this pristine yet crucial location as leaves slowly fall.

In-depth Analysis

Infantry paths: Each base has a upward route starting near their infantry and vehicle production building, bringing infantry on the side of the mountain, which has an direct access to the bunkers with reachable roofs located near each base; also, upon arriving to the center, infantries will be able to cross a bridge leading towards the Silo path; tank obstacles block vehicles from crossing the bridge. There are also two set of stairs near the bridge that can be used to reach the Silo path. Lastly, two smaller sniping bunkers on the other side of the large bunkers are accessible for infantry.

Another path that is not obvious is hiking through the rock formations, jumping from one to the next; this route opens plenty of options for sneaking, spotting, and sniping; those routes can be reached from jumping over the rock walls in the infantry path and the Silo vehicle path.

Vehicle paths: Vehicles can only exit from the main entrance, but after passing through the Tiberium field, they can drive uphill towards the Tiberium Silo or keep on the main path and going under the bridge. They can also drive behind the narrow space behind the small bunkers.

Mystery Crates: Two appear on little hills on the main path, one closest to GDI base and the other to Nod base, two appear near the uphill entrances towards the Silo path, one per entrance; two appear on both ends of the bridge, one at the infantry path and the other at the Silo path intersection; the last two appear near each base's large bunkers, one per bunker.

Harvested Tiberium field: each faction harvests the field nearest to their base.


Battlefield control

Plenty of terrain needs to be covered before reaching the enemy base, so it is important to form a blockade in front on the opponent rather than splitting forces in between two paths. Going through the uphill path will allow surveillance of the Silo.

On the infantry path, taking the opponent bunker will put pressure on their base, especially with snipers taking potshots from there. Patrolling the infantry path could prove difficult due to the side rock formations one could employ to circumvent patrols, therefore, setting up Proximity C4 at the entrance of the infantry path will not always deter infiltrators.

Snipers can also position themselves at the enemy base's small bunkers, assassinating Engineers while vehicles are besieging the entrance.

Sneaking options

Vehicle paths have some trees and rocks along the edge for cover, infantry path has more of aforementioned cover, along with the large bunker. However, knowledge of the map and which rock to step on will prove beneficial to any diligent infiltrator, who will employ those paths that might be not obvious to newcomers at their advantage: for example, one could hop on the rocks on the side of the wall on the infantry path, and reach the exterior of the large bunker, and from there, into the opponent base, usually behind their vehicle or infantry production building. They could also jump below from the roof of the aforementioned bunker. It is advised to practice trekking those paths since a mistimed jump will usually bring the player down on the main vehicle path with no fast way to return back to their location.

The narrow base entrance makes it hard for Stealth Tanks to infiltrate, considering that there might be some Anti Tank Mines lingering nearby. Of course, it is still possible to slip in undetected and possibly hide behind the Refinery or Barracks if caution is exercised.


  • It is possible to stand on top of the trees should one be able to reach them. This also applies to Lakeside.

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