0.36 Beta

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0.36 Patch
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X (UT3 mod)
Release date October 17, 2009
Previous patch 0.35 Beta
Next patch 0.40 Beta

0.36 Patch for Renegade X was released on October 17, 2009.



  • Fixed GDI Refinery displaying as Nod's Refinery.
  • Fixed Game not ending if the last nod building to be destroyed was the Airstrip.
  • Advanced Guard Tower and Obelisk have minimum attack range.
  • Obelisk rate of fire decreased.
  • AGT Machine Guns will continue to lock on and fire on an enemy for 2 seconds after they entered minimum attack range.
  • AGT Machine Gun minimum attack range increased.
  • AGT Machine Guns can no longer shoot through the AGT anymore.
  • Nod Turret rate of fire increased.
  • Nod Turret explosion momentum decreased.
  • Nod Turret damage radius decreased.


  • Added Hourglass map remake.
  • Blocked off areas to prevent players from jumping into the water on Islands.
  • Removed base 2 base attacking on Islands.
  • No longer able to jump on top of the refineries on Field.


  • Buggy, APCs, Humvee have increase turret rotation speed.
  • Doubled damage to infintry for Buggy, APCs, Humvee.
  • Harvester speed decreased.
  • Harvester mass increased.
  • All tank's maximum range decreased.
  • All tank shell projectiles velocity reduced.
  • All tank shell blast radius decreased.
  • Artillery's blast radius decreased.
  • Artillery now has light armour.
  • Mammoth Tank's missile turn acceleration decreased.
  • MRLS's missile turn acceleration decreased.
  • Stealth Tank's missile turn acceleration decreased.
  • Stealth Tank range decreased.


  • Repair guns now repair twice as fast.
  • All C4 type disarm time decreased.
  • All beacon disarm time decreased.
  • Proximity C4 damage decreased.
  • Proximity C4 no longer explode multiple times.
  • Shotgun's range decreased.
  • Personal Ion Cannon/Railgun range decreased.
  • Enhanced Personal Ion Cannon beam effect.
  • Increased Grenade Launcher's velocity.
  • Increased Grenade Launcher's blast radius.
  • Increased Rocket Launcher's blast radius.
  • Fixed Laser Rifle vehicle damage.
  • No longer able to throw two Remote C4s at rapid speed.
  • Remotes are no longer able to kill light armour vehicles with just one remote.
  • Sniper Rifle damage increased.

Server client

  • Added Ping Column.
  • Added Server IP column.
  • Added Launch offline Mod button.
  • Added Mod Update check system.


  • Added Purchase Terminal 1-0 Hotkeys.
  • Added Vehicle Limit (Server Configuration).
  • Added Mine Limit (Server Configuration).
  • Returned to stock UT3 Menu.
  • Includes Jayrun's loading screen setup.
  • New Nod theme splash screen.
  • Removed Feign Death function.
  • Fixed a crash/runaway loop in Demos.
  • Fixed donation exploit.
  • Fixed vehicle reload exploit.
  • Replication optimization.
  • Configurations no longer reset.

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