0.40 Beta

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0.40 Patch
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X (UT3 mod)
Release date November 14, 2009
Previous patch 0.36 Beta
Next patch 0.5 Beta

0.40 Beta for Renegade X was released on November 14, 2009.



  • Added GDI/Nod Rocket Officers.


  • Fixed being able to get on top of the GDI Refinery on Field.
  • Fixed getting on the cliff behind the Nod bunker on Field.
  • Enhanced Visuals on Field.
  • Added map remake Volcano.

Purchase Terminals

  • Purchase Terminals update credits in real-time.
  • Added Nod Character Preview Images.
  • Fixed text not rendering in correct font.


  • All vehicle turret's turn speeds adjusted.
  • Increased rate of fire of APCs, Humvee, Buggy.
  • Increased Flame tank speed.
  • Harvester now respects teams vehicle queue when respawning.
  • Removed dead vehicle wreckages.
  • Tweaks to vehicles weight system.
  • Modified Buggy engine sound.


  • Fixed PIC/Railgun damage to light armour vehicles.
  • Fixed Gunner Rocket launcher damage to light armour vehicles.
  • Reduced Grenade Launcher damage.
  • Increased shotgun spray angle.
  • Removed "Sniped" Killed message with headshot kills.
  • Timed C4s no longer land flat.
  • Fixed Remote C4 switching weapon after tossing.
  • Fixed Animation for ION/Nuke to be visible to all players.
  • Added ION/Nuke Explosions.
  • Added ION/Nuke EVA Announcement/Countdown.
  • Added Ion/Nuke Charge up sounds.
  • Fixed weapon switch time for all weapons.

Server client

  • Added detail information display.
  • Enhanced User Interface.
  • Added Log window display option.


  • Enemies must now be targeted to appear in Radar.
  • Added radio commands using CTRL/ALT/CTRL+ALT plus number.
  • Decreased vehicle creation time from 10 to 5 seconds.

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