0.55 Beta

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0.55 Beta
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date September 30, 2010
Previous patch 0.5 Beta
Next patch Renegade X: Black Dawn
Open Beta 1 (standalone)

0.55 Beta was the final major beta release of Renegade X as a mod for Unreal Tournament 3. It was released on September 30, 2010.



  • Added GDI Sydney (Personal Ion Cannon).
  • Added GDI Mobius.
  • Added GDI Hotwire.
  • Fixed SBH Cloaking being shared.


  • Added Complex.
  • Field has new lighting.
  • Horologe has new lighting.
  • All maps except "Islands" have boundaries for Air Units.
  • Walls has new lighting.

Purchase Terminals

  • Added purchase icons for new characters.
  • Added Preview images for new characters.
  • Preview image for all purchase items are now present.
  • Added item description for new characters.


  • GDI Humvee steer speed reduced.
  • Nod Buggy steer speed reduced.
  • MRLS missiles turn radius increased.
  • Stealth Tank missile turn radius increased.


  • New Temporary Sniper rifle.
  • New Temporary Railgun.
  • Volt Auto Rifle textured.
  • Railgun, PIC, Laser Rifle, Automatic Rifle, Chaingun range reduced.
  • Nuclear Explosion added.
  • Super weapons now damage infantries and vehicles.
  • Shotgun accuracy improved.
  • Grenade Launcher's alt fire fixed.
  • Rocket Officer missiles can lock on to targets.
  • Added new Sniper Scope texture.

Server Client

  • Server Browser back online.
  • Removed ModDB Vote page.
  • Added dynamic Map Cycle List.


  • Main Menu background changed.
  • Added various community mutators.

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