0.5 Beta

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0.5 Beta
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X (UT3 mod)
Release date January 10, 2010
Previous patch 0.40 Beta
Next patch 0.55 Beta

0.5 Beta for Renegade X was released on January 10, 2010. It was the final major beta release for the Unreal Tournament 3 mod version.




  • Added new Havoc model.
  • Added Havoc/Sakura anti-material sniper class.
  • Added Mobius/Mendoza character class. Currently using jacketless versions of Havoc/Sakura.
  • Personal Ion Cannon/Railgun classes now using jacketless versions of Havoc/Sakura.
  • Increased falling damage.
  • Buying a beacon and then switching characters no longer loses the beacon


  • Added Under.
  • Added Walls.
  • All maps have enhanced visuals.
  • All maps have fixed numerous bug/glitches/exploits.

Purchase Terminals

  • New characters are now purchasable from the Purchase Terminal.
  • Updated icons of updated character classes.
  • Increased text size.


  • Increased Flame Tank range.
  • Enhanced tank shell explosions.
  • Enhanced Stealth Tank missiles effect.
  • Enhanced visual effects of all bullet firing vehicles.
  • Added lights to all vehicles.
  • Muzzle flash does not appear when in vehicles in alt fire.
  • Harvester can now squish enemies.


  • Added Volt Automatic Rifle (Temporary Visuals).
  • Added new standard Sniper Rifle (Temporary Visuals).
  • Added new Repair Gun.
  • Fixed last Remote C4 to not being detonateable if weapons were switched.
  • Superweapons are now visible to everyone.
  • Added EVA sound for super weapons being disarmed.
  • Enhanced numerous weapon effects.
  • Enhanced numerous weapon sound effects.
  • Shotgun accuracy is more random.

Server Client

  • New user interface.
  • Added Renegade X map editor launching capabilities.
  • Added GameSpy login (optional).
  • Added Auto Updater.
  • Added Server Hosting capabilities.
  • Added a map cycle indicator for selected server.


  • When in a vehicle and exit into Tiberium, your infantry does not get damaged.
  • Player names are now displayed above each player.
  • Added map voting.
  • Added map editor.
  • Added source code.
  • Added Buzzer's IRC Bot.
  • Mutators are now Enabled (set bPureRenMode to false).

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