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Size Small
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 24
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings Tiberium Silo x1
Base Defenses N/A
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
    • Tiberium Refinery
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip
    • Tiberium Refinery


Sands and Tiberium flow into the battlefield, located near a canyon in the middle that shelters the bases from each other with its rock masses. Cave tunnels are also present on the mountain side of the map. Lastly, a Tiberium Silo lies in the center of the canyon.

In-depth Analysis

Infantry paths: On the opposite side of the vehicle exit path, there is a cave leading two a two-level tunnel passageway, where players can travel towards the opponent base or the sniper perches facing the Silo or the bases themselves. There are also two small perches facing the Silo that are reachable from the base itself.

Notably, Canyon's other infantry path share a few differences depending in which base they are located: for the Global Defense Initiative, the path to the small perch is straightforward; for the Brotherhood of Nod, the path to the small perch is on a covered passageway that begins near the cave and ends near the base's underpass entrance.

Vehicle paths: The bottom of the canyon, which is the center area, will be the only path accessible for vehicles. Drivers wanting to go through the Tiberium Field under the rock arch will have first to destroy the rock blockade by firing on them or just take a turn to circumvent the arch and possibly reach the Silo. There is also an underpass tunnel in the Nod base starting near the Airstrip and leading to the Tiberium Refinery.

Mystery Crates: Two appear in the large cave with the two sniper perches facing the Silo, one on the upper level and the other on the lower level; another one appears on the other side of the tunnel, right under some wooden bars; and the last one appears in the center, near the Silo.

Harvested Tiberium field: the field adjacent to the Silo. The other field is located under a rock arch.


Battlefield control

Taking the middle field will not only establish a presence within the enemy's doors, but also take control of the Silo. The cave tunnels, instead, have too many passageways to cover, therefore, employing patrols at the base entrance or at the enemy's base entrance will usually suffice to deter sneaky players. Combine both vehicle presence in the field and infantry presence at the cave entrance and the opponent faction will be trapped in.

Snipers may be stationed on the sniper perches facing the Silo or the enemy base to take potshots at infantries while having the benefits of being on high ground.

Sneaking options

Considering that both vehicle and infantry paths lack considerable cover, cave tunnels would be the best option due to multiple routes to avoid engagement and possibility to hide behind the wall arches at the edges. In the middle field, there are alcoves on the side of the Tiberium field under the rock arch: the one on GDI side is quite small and it is a dead end, the one on Nod side has three exits instead.

Upon reaching the enemy base, there are a plethora of places where an infiltrator can hide, and they differ from each base: GDI infiltrators can travel below the underpass, which has openings leading to small corridors on its sides, along with some containers located near the runway of the Airstrip. One could also hide behind the exit of the underpass at the Refinery.

Nod infiltrators can hide under the bridge bypass, where is quite dark while also possessing a small alcove on the side, on both ground level and bridge level, along with some containers located on the side of the Barracks. The space inside the GDI base is limited for Stealth Tanks, yet it is still possible to slip in undetected if caution is exercised; Stealth Tank drivers should be on lookout for any Anti-Tank mines at the front entrance and possibly remain invisible at either the back of the Refinery or near the containers.

Both bases have a covered area where players can hide behind the stone pillars located behind each Refinery.


  • The rock blockade under the rock arch has 5000 Health and Heavy Armor.

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