Cruise Missile

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Cruise Missile
Air Vehicle
Faction Both
Role Offensive support power
Health 90
Armor type Heavy
Cost 800 CP
Missile Impact
Base Damage2000
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx1
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.8
Light Armorx0.8
Aerial Armorx1
Projectile type Explosive
Projectile speed 6000
Range Infinite
Internal name Rx_SupportVehicle_CruiseMissile
Jargon Cruise

The Cruise Missile is a support power available to Commanders from both factions.



As the only support power that is capable of directly harming enemy forces, it is often used against a large group of enemy vehicles for maximum effectiveness. Alternatively, it can be used to severely damage a building (a direct hit will take around 50% armor or health of a building).

A Commander can earn up to 400 CP from a successful Cruise Missile.


Due to the long time that the Cruise Missile takes before it impacts, aware enemies are able to respond to it easily. This is especially the case in more organized games (such as PUGs), where the Cruise Missile is rarely effective.

The Cruise Missile can be shot down while it is in flight, wasting CP for the Commander. Sydney and Raveshaw are the best counters against a Cruise Missile, as they can take it out with their primary weapons in a single shot. Gunner and Laser Chaingunner are also good infantry alternatives (in the case for Gunner, 2 rockets are needed to destroy a Cruise Missile while for the Laser Chaingunner, 2 of them must be continuously firing at it).