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Size Small
Style Asymmetrical
Recommended Players 16

Deck is a Deathmatch level.


Players clash inside a production facility located in the outskirts of a city. Tiberium, both crystals and its liquid form, is found on the bottom floors of the facility.

In-depth Analysis

Infantry paths: The facility is divided into three floors: the highest one is located in the central room, and it is connected by ramps. The main floor is the largest one, featuring a corridor that circumvents the entire facility; the ground floor, where most of the Tiberium is located, can be reached by dropping down from the main room or via an elevator platform connecting with ground and main floor.

Mystery Crates: The third floor has 5 crates: one appears in the alcove where conveyor belts transport materials on the roof above, each ramp has one crate appearing on the middle, and the last one is found near a wall of the third floor, just past the ramps. The ground floor has also 3 crates: one appears on top of a crate near the elevator platforms, another one appears on top of a valve located on three tubes in the middle of the floor, and the last one is found at the alcove located on the other side of the elevator room.

Mystery Crates will not grant Vehicles due to the nature of the map.


Battlefield control

Being a Deathmatch level, Pickups are scattered all around the map. Plenty of metal crates, boxes, engines, and contraptions offer cover from the gunfire. If one cannot be bothered to wait for the elevators, jumping down is faster; even if they will take some damage, they can recuperate by obtaining a health pickup.

Should one fall inside the liquid Tiberium, they will be usually poisoned to death before they manage to hop out.


  • Deck is actually based of the same named map found in Unreal Tournament 3.
  • The statue of a giant holding a globe can be seen at the entrance of the facility from the windows. It is implied to be a reference to Atlas.
  • Some places cannot be reached at all due to Renegade X's infantries low jumping heights; one example would be the platform above the elevators room, which has a pair of stairs that can only be reached with a higher jump.

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