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Size Medium
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 32
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings
  • Tiberium Silo x1
  • Communications Center x1
Base Defenses
  • GDI
    • Advanced Guard Tower
  • Nod
    • Obelisk of Light
    • Turret x2
  • Buildings
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Appearance

    The battlefield is located in a verdant valley, with both bases separated by a mountain. A waterfall coming from the mountain pours down towards a shallow river, where a Tiberium Silo lies nearby. The mountain can be accessed by cave openings, from the base and the top of the waterfall. A Communications Center lies along the elevated part located on the outer edges of the valley.

    In-depth Analysis

    Infantry paths: Each base has three cave paths that lead to the main cave, where infantry will fight in order to control the enclosed located. The cave entrance near each team's Power Plant is notably long, making a turnaround before leading to the entrance located near each team's vehicle production building; they are also obstructed by destroyable rocks that can be swept away by firing on them. One could also exit towards the waterfall, and take the two downward land ramps leading to the main field or drop down towards the Silo. Note that the shallow river is only accessible by infantry; vehicles driving into it will rapidly take damage and explode. The Silo also has two connecting tubes, acting as a bridge that infantry can cross.

    Also, each base has a upwards path that flanks the mountain and gives a top-down view of the field; from here players can snipe below, gather intelligence on the field, or send an Airstrike, while having a safe return path towards the base. Each base has also a nearby bunker watching on both vehicle paths.

    Vehicle paths: Vehicles can drive around the valley, and cross the river via three bridges, one in the far edges, one in the middle, and one near the waterfall. They can drive upon the hills that lead to the bunkers but not on the ramp leading to the cave. Vehicles can enter into the base through two main entrances.

    The other path goes around the edge and the elevated area of the map, where the Communications Center is located. Vehicles can cross the same river in the valley via a bridge.

    Mystery Crates: Two appear in the cave nearby the metal pillars, one appears near the top of the waterfall, two appear near each bunker, one per side, two appear near each Tiberium field, one per side, two more appear near the two larger intersections from the long vehicle route to the field, one on each intersection. and the last one appears on the of the Silo's dome.

    Harvested Tiberium field: each faction harvests the field on their side of the river.


    Battlefield control

    Taking the valley with vehicles will allow control of the Silo, while taking control of the cave will deny enemy sneaky infantry access of the base. Maintaining a strong vehicle presence backed up by Engineers in the field and infantry presence in the cave will trap the opponent faction into their base. Taking the enemy bunker will allow snipers to hit opponent infantries right in their base.

    Taking the outer edge will allow control of the Communications Center, and possibly open up a secondary siege route to the enemy base.

    Sneaking options

    Each base has two rocks near their cave entrances that players can hide behind and employ to avoid automated defenses fire. Infiltrators may reach the opponent team's vehicle production building and the Power Plant without interference from automated defenses via the cave tunnels. Still, the tunnels themselves do not possess plenty of cover so caution is advised.

    On the field, the shallow river has a plethora of rocks for cover, and players can also hide below the bridges. Behind the Silo's Master Control Terminal, there is plenty of foliage for a player to conceal in. On the long and elevated vehicle path, there are some trees that one may employ to hide.

    Players should know the workings of the automated defenses and slowly work around them. With Smoke Grenades and proper skill, it is possible to reach almost any building and elude the defenses.

    Stealth Tanks and Stealth Black Hands may hide behind the Weapons Factory, as other places are high traffic and in range of the Advanced Guard Tower; still, space is restricted and should a patrol pass by, there will be a high chance of being discovered.

    Lastly, it is advised to sneak in while the Communications Center is not controlled by the opponent team.


    • In the previous version of Field, the map was known to be the most frowned map upon by the players, due to its small vehicles entrances to each bases, which were easily defended by one or two vehicles, and its infantry path entrances were also nearby and easy to defend; thus leading to a standstill and possibly boring off players who would possibly leave the game.
    • It also offered snipers plenty of game due to the long stretches of open space in the valley and lack of cover in the cave.
    • Each rock obstruction has 1600 Health and Heavy Armor.

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