Offensive Initiative/Peace Through Power

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Offensive Initiative/Peace Through Power
Role Offensive Buff
Cost 1400 CP
Duration 15 seconds
Radius 3000
Damage bonus +10%
Reload speed bonus +20%
Rate of fire bonus +20%
Damage resistance bonus +10% (Offensive Initiative only)
Speed bonus +12.5% (Peace Through Power only)
Internal name

  • Rx_StatModifierInfo_GDI_OI
  • Rx_StatModifierInfo_Nod_PTP

Commanders are able to apply a Offensive Buff to nearby teammates as a support power. These are named Offensive Initiative for GDI and Peace Through Power for Nod. Contrary to popular belief, there is a minor difference between the Offensive Buffs of both sides.


For GDI, the Offensive Buff appears as a yellow overlay around vehicles and infantry, while for Nod, the Offensive Buff appears as a red overlay.