Open Beta 3

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Open Beta 3
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date October 8, 2014
Previous patch Open Beta 2
Next patch Open Beta 4

Open Beta 3 for Renegade X was released on October 8, 2014.


  • Brand new Renegade X launcher!
  • New map: C&C Volcano.
  • New items: AT mines and EMP grenades.
  • New Black Hand character model.
  • Crash fixes.
  • New UI features (interactive pause-menu and scoreboard).
  • End-game sequences.
  • Oodles of balance changes and fixes for weapons and vehicles.
  • New first-person animations for some weapons.
  • Audio changes (silo capturing is now broadcasted, weapon and vehicle sound changes).
  • Texture, LOD, and shader optimizations – game runs much smoother.
  • TeamDonate command.
  • Weapon and vehicle reticle changes.
  • Many glitch fixes.

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