Open Beta 4

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Open Beta 4
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date March 21, 2015
Previous patch Open Beta 3
Next patch Patch 4.01

Open Beta 4 for Renegade X was released on March 21, 2015.



  • Added support for custom maps.
  • Added auto patcher to the launcher.
  • Added 3 new maps (CNC-Complex, CNC-Under, CNC-Canyon).
  • Donations are disabled for the first mins of a game depending on new server vsetting 'DonationsDisabledTime'. Default is 3 minutes.
  • The start of an online match is now delayed by 20 seconds. The start of the match will be delayed till either the server filled up or till NetWaitTime=20 runs out. After that a final 10 second counter will start before the game begins.
  • Remote C4 does not influence the teams minelimit anymore. Instead there is a special remote c4 limit of 4 per person.
  • When you get killed the camera now rotates towards your killer so that you can see what direction you were killed from.
  • Optimized particle trail effects on various missile, shells, and bullet particles for better performance.
  • Mines now show who placed them in their targeted description.
  • You can now disarm your own mines to place them somewhere else (With secondary repair gun fire you can still heal them as well).
  • Added mapspecific mine and vehicle limits that can be configured in the UDKRenegadeX.ini. See DefaultRenegadeX.ini for examples.
  • Timed C4 now plays beep(s) every 5 seconds.
  • When you die from C4/Mines the kill message should now always display the C4/Mine owner as your killer instead of just "you suicided/died".
  • Added DM-Deck to the maplist (will play as a 10 mins TDM match if voted).
  • New character/vehicle shader system with cubemap reflections.
  • Added visual countdown to the beacons targeting box indicating how much time is left to disarm it.
  • SBH and Stanks have their stealth deactivated when inside an EMP Field.
  • Servers can now use a Fixed Map Rotation by setting bFixedMapRotation to true.
  • Added bAllowWeaponDrop server setting (off by default).
  • Body damage now causes blood splatter effects.
  • Added Smoke Grenade. Spawns a SmokeScreen that blocks targeting and Line of Sight from Base Defences.
  • New Vehicle Locking system:.
    • Players can now bind to a single vehicle, which allows them to lock/unlock the vehicle at any time.
    • Locking only locks the driver seat. If another player is currently the driver at the time it gets locked, they are moved to passenger (or booted out if no room).
    • A vehicle will auto-unlock if the owner dies.
    • Binds are lost on team change, disconnect, enemy hijack, binding another vehicle.
    • Auto-bind will occur if a player gets in a vehicle they purchased, and they don't already have a bound vehicle.
    • Lock/Unlock is performed by pressing L. Bind/Unbind is performed by holding L for one second.
    • Vehicles show if they are locked or reserved and whether you own them in their targeted description.
  • You now get 10 damage per sec when standing on an active air vehicle to prevent vehicle surfing.
  • Crates adjustments:.
    • You will not get a refill crate when your ammo and health are above 75%.
    • You will not get a character switching crate if you already have a non free character.
    • Crates now will spawn at the beginning of every game minute to make them less random.
    • Initial Money ctate credits changed from 100 -> 150.
    • Character Crates wont award the free char classes anymore so that its more worthwhile to get.
  • Changing to and from walking and jumping is now client-predicted to make it smoother in online play.
  • Additional improvements to pawn movement speed adjustments:.
    • The Jumping slow down now applies while maintaining constant speed (before it would only apply if you changed to a different speed (eg from sprint to run).
    • The slowest you can be forced to go (via repeated jumping) is walking speed.
    • Improved smoothness.
  • Clients can now see the about to be kicked for idling warnings.
  • Set KickIdlers on by default, and set to 5 minutes.
  • Vehicles that have passengers but no driver now remain on the occupants team instead of going neutral.
  • If a vehicle reserve time expires, its team gets switched to Neutral.
  • Added a server option bReserveVehiclesToBuyer (default true) which when set to false, disables the automatic buyer-only reserve of a purchased vehicle. (It still remains Team reserved).
  • Added collision on a few deco props that needed collision.
  • Added a 'Your score this minute' info to the additional HUD info that you get by using the 'V' key.
  • Stolen vehicles don't count towards the vehicle limit of either team anymore.
  • Harvester respawn time increased by 10 secs.
  • Respawn time for vehicles created after a harvester increased by 2 secs to make it less unlikely for them blowing up the previously spawned harv.
  • Added check to prevent players from placing beacons inside their own base (the check is based on the spotting locations/buildings.
  • If the nearest spotting actor is a friendly building the beacon cant be placed. The player gets a message informing him about it).
  • Decreased beacon disarm reward from 300 to 200.
  • Improved the End of Map vote. You can now exclude the last X amount of maps (RecentMapsToExclude [def=3]) and also define how many options to list (MaxMapVoteSize [def=5]). They are also scrambled, so they aren't always listed in the same order. (Config in UDKRenegadeX.ini).
  • The EMP Grenade Blast can now disarm Proximity and AT Mines.
  • Hitting an enemy building with an EMP triggers the "Building Under Attack" message.
  • Base Defences now all have proper names in kill messages.
  • Suppressed death messages when a player switches team or disconnects.
  • Harvester now gives proper kill messages when running players over.
  • Kill messages now differentiate between killing yourself and dying "by nobody" (eg the World).
  • Players will now switch to previously equipped weapon from any explosive-type weapon(s) once the ammo count has reached 0.
  • Characters have less gravity to be a little more arcade-ish.
  • C4s now play "impact" sounds.
  • Added vehicle death messages.
  • Havoc and Sakura will now have multiple timed c4 as their default explosive weapons.
  • Camera doesn't get attached to head gibs anymore.
  • Setup of global map info parameters for vehicles and characters similar to the stealth parameters that can allow various visual components of characters and vehicles to be edited on a per map basis. Such as global cubemaps, reflection colour, and brightness.
  • The light at the end of the repair beam is now blue.
  • Reduced momentum inflicted to dead bodies so that ragdolls are less extreme.

User interface

  • Added error messages dialog for errors that occurred during connecting/loading maps.
  • End game scoreboard will now scroll to the most bottom every time there is new chat message in.
  • HUD doesn't show passengers of enemy vehicles anymore so that you cant judge the danger of an APC rush that easily anymore.
  • Chat box will scroll down for each message that comes in pause menu.
  • Chat box is now set to multiline and warped.
  • Resolved duplicated message in pause menu.
  • Chat box will no longer overflow outside its bounds in pause menu.
  • Spotting adds markers on the minimap.
  • Spotting adds markers on the Main HUD.
  • Increased the font size for the end game scoreboard chatlog, chatInput and chatButton.
  • Resolved issue on locked EMP and AT for hotty and techie in PT in MP.
  • Resolved the issue of missing/non-removal loadout issue in PT when purchasing/swapping characters.
  • Nuke/Ion Beacon deployment HUD message is now displayed in the kill feed area.
  • Moved Building destroyed HUD message over to Kill Feed/Game Events area.
  • Team join messages now appear on the HUD in the Game Events area.
  • AGT and Obelisk show a "Weapons Offline" description when the Power Plant is destroyed.
  • Main HUD Images are now noticeably sharper and brighter, flash filters are now used correctly.


  • Added Rx_Mutator class. Will allow for any Rx-specific mutator hooks (like custom RCON commands).
  • Kills by base defences are now RxLogged.
  • Team changes are now RxLogged.
  • EVAPrivateSay command renamed to HostPrivateSay. The name is displayed as "Host" rather than "EVA".
  • Added HostSay command which displays a chat message to all players in the chat area as Host (rather than the EVA area). Host name is pale blue like the HostPrivateChat, and message is plain white (stands out slightly from the blue-tinted white of normal player chats).
  • Beacon disarm messages are now RxLogged and displayed on the HUD in the Game Events.
  • Added new RCON Command implementation that allows for commands to send back replies.
  • Added HUD and RxLog messages for Silo capture and neutralise.
  • Added RxLog message for map change and load. Includes map changing to and whether or not it is Seamless.
  • Added ChangeMap RconCommand.
  • ClientLists now shows Admin Status.
  • ClientList retrieved via RCON now separates fields by NBSP rather than the double space.
  • Added RecordDemo RconCommand.
  • Timed C4 now shows the countdown in its description (not for enemies)
  • The auth success response now also includes the IPString for the connection.
  • Votes are now RxLogged.
  • Added CancelVote RconCommand that can cancel votes in progress.
  • Vehicles, Automated Defences and Emplacements kills are all now explicitly separated from each other in log messages.
  • Kills by AI (not bots, but defences and harvy) are now completely logged.
  • RxLog format revamp for nicer parsing.
  • Added Mutate RCON commands.


  • Fixed Team Donate messages saying you donated to yourself when someone else team donated to you.
  • Harv is less likely to stop moving and if it does pushing it around can now make it go again.
  • Fixed spotting always saying a player was spotted near a building. Gives proper area descriptions now.
  • Fixed points system not always awarding points/credits based on actual inflicted damage. For example running an enemy over with a vehicle could sometimes award you 2000 points/credits. And doing the last 1% damage to an enemy could award you the same amount of points as dealing like 20% damage.
  • Fixed hitmarkers showing on dead bodies/vehicles.
  • Fixed instanthit weapons not dealing damage at cheastheight in MP.
  • Death by Proxy should now show correctly use the Proximity Mine icon instead of the AT Mine icon.
  • Fixed destruction of Defence Emplacements (regardless of team) causing GDI Vehicle count to decrease.
  • Fixed Ref harvester docking door not opening/closing in MP.
  • Optimized the amount of calls that are sent to the masterserver informing it about a change in playernumber. This should help reducing issues of the servers sometimes not showing the correct amount of players.
  • Fixed online Refill issues.
  • Client-side vehicle effects are now able to play for passenger weapons.
  • Fixed SBH sometimes being visible to you, when you switched teams from Nod to GDI or connected mid game.
  • Fixed killing yourself or teammates with your own beacon awarding you points.
  • Fixed automatic team balancing not working. It will work again like in Beta 2.
  • Fixed AGT Rockets not actually being on the GDI team.
  • Fixed issues with C130 animation starting too soon when spawning harvesters or for the next vehicle after spawning a harvester.
  • Entered passengers (not swapped seats) will now update its HUD to its vehicle representative instead of default A-10 icon.
  • Fixed Repair gun beam display issues in demoplayback.
  • Fixed that when you were killed on first person you couldn't see your killed player model with the death cam.
  • Resolve issue of MapList's ScrollingList UI Component being resized in MainMenu Map.
  • Fixed issue with weapons trying to resume fire in the last used firing state when holding down fire when coming out of a reload.

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