Patch 5.002

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Patch 5.002
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date August 1, 2015
Previous patch Open Beta 5
Next patch Patch 5.003

Patch 5.002 for Renegade X was released on August 1, 2015.


Bug fixes

  • Deployed actors (such as timed C4 and beacons) now update their location to all clients after a small amount of time. This has seemed to fix the dreaded glitched C4 issue. Floating mines are still possible if you put them on a closed door, HOWEVER, floating mines should now be just as easy to disarm as any other mine.
  • Corrected crates giving the wrong messages when an enemy picked up a spy crate.
  • Fixed multiple typos in crate pick-up messages and the purchase menu.
  • Players can no longer enter vehicles while being abducted by the alien abduction crate.
  • Player Sprintspeedmultiplier is now replicated. This should fix the issue where people were locked in the sprint animation and did not face where they were shooting. (No more Chem-Troopers releasing toxic clouds from their butts).


  • The Tick Tank now takes reduced damage while burrowed.
  • Missile Launcher:
    • Lock-On time cut to between Beta 4 and Beta 5.
    • Lock-On range increased from 6000 to 7500, which gives it at least a good 100-150 extra feet.
  • Added a server-configurable option (StartSpawnTime) to crates to only enable certain crates after a certain amount of time has passed, so no more teams winning due to a Hover MRLS 12 seconds into the game.


All flying maps:

  • Fixed issue were you could get stuck under the WF ramps (The one-way-trip place for nuke beacons).


  • Added a solid world border (stop people getting out the map).


  • Added a vehicle blocking volume to the Tiberium tunnel entrance (stop vehicles getting in to the inf only area).
  • Added rocks to the top ridges near the Barracks and Hand of Nod that prevent Apaches and Orcas from being able to safely camp behind the ridges and fire on the aforementioned structures.


  • Fixed 2 ways to jump the Left GDI Refinery Wall.


  • The rocks you could simply walk/fall through should now be fixed. They had no collision in certain spots.


  • Fixed a way to jump over a wall to get to the Nod air tower.
  • Fixed a way to get on top of the big bunkers with out using the ladders (both bunkers).


  • Default music volume is now 20%-30%. [Will work on not having volumes reset every patch].
  • Launcher configuration file updated. (There is no actual launcher update).

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