Patch 5.003

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Patch 5.003
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date August 22, 2015
Previous patch Patch 5.002
Next patch Patch 5.004

Patch 5.003 for Renegade X was released on August 22, 2015.



  • New maps:
  • Added a legitimate team surrender option to the vote menu (opt 3), so now it's actually up to the enemy team getting kill-whored, and kept afloat by the 2 people that love repairing a single structure, to decide whether the map should actually be over.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed reload bug where manually reloading a vehicle multi-weapon (Orca/Mammy/Apache) would cause the player to not be able to fire until the reload timer for the weapon with the longest reload time was finished. (Basically the no-fire bug for the Orca/Apache). Not to be confused with the misfire bug, which still persists.


  • Lakeside: Added trees along the newly added blocking volumes to make it obvious that you cannot pass through. This way invisible walls are "justified" to some extent.
  • Islands: Fixed, a way to get on the arch off of the GDI sniper perch.
  • Mesa II: It's playable again, to the extent it always has been.


  • Tiberium Flechette Rifle - Reduced mag size to 35 - Uses a similar recoil spread model as the autorifle so to not be pin point accurate through out the magazine - Reduced range from 5000 units to 3600.
  • Aircraft now have a variable to distinguish them from light armor, and certain weapons now damage aircraft more than they will light armor.
  • The Missile Launcher/SAM/AA Turret/LCG/Chaingun/Vehicle Machine-guns (Buggy/Humvee/APC)/ Gunner's rocket launcher, the Volt Rifle, the laser rifle, and ALL tank shells now have a damage bonus vs. aircraft. The Wolverine and TS Buggy also have a modifier vs. Aircraft armor. [This way aircraft go back to being glass cannons when rushing... and actual AA units can be clarified. It also means we my eventually be able to get rid of snipers as being AA which makes no sense to this day].
  • The Tiberian Sun Buggy now does reduced damage to heavy armor and buildings. It does slightly less to light armor, however it does have a damage modifier vs. aircraft.
  • Chinook's health increased from 400 to 500 to make it less of a slow, big target that has the same health as a gunship.


  • Fixed Mesa map image in the .ini file.
  • "Kick" and "KickBan" RCON commands now properly kick bots.
  • Added "Rotation" RCON command.
  • PT Icons are now dynamic and renders from the content packages. (Which inadvertently breaks the Commander Mod X.x).
  • Rx_VehicleManager: Harvesters no longer spawn if no Refinery exists.
  • Rx_Controller: Fixed an annoying "Accessed None" warning when using a radio command while dead.

Building armour

  • Added a building armour percentage option to the DefaultRenegadeX config file. The percentage of a building's health that IS NOT armour can not be repaired. Once armour is completely broken through, the building begins taking irreparable damage.
  • Used to slightly increase the effects of long-term siege, and not completely negate a rush that almost kills a building because 3 or 4 AFK Technicians happened to be in it.
  • Setting this to 0 makes buildings behave as normal.
  • For servers: the default setting is 60.

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