Patch 5.004

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Patch 5.004
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X (UT3 mod)
Release date November 1, 2015
Previous patch Patch 5.003
Next patch Patch 5.120

Patch 5.004 for Renegade X was released on November 1, 2015.



  • Vote option 8 is now a mine-ban vote that will ban, or un-ban a player from mining. There is also an RCON command to do this.
  • Added day/night versions of Mesa, Field and Canyon.

User interface

  • Infantry you can not buy when the Hand of Nod/Barracks are down are now not visible in the character menu.
  • Aircraft are no longer drawn in the purchase menu when it is a non-flying map.
  • Mine Limit is now displayed above the reticle when proximity mines are selected.
  • Building armour now displays in the scoreboard/pause menu scoreboard as a light blue bar that is drawn over the building's health.
  • Icons at the bottom of the screen now use building armour(when it is enabled) to determine whether the icon is to be red or not. They turn red whenever armor is depleted, meaning the * building is susceptible to permanent damage.
  • Changed target box to show building armour as an overlapping bar on the health bar. The armour bar is translucent, and the health can still partially be seen underneath.
  • Beacon deployment and Building destruction messages now display mid/upper screen (ala commander mod).
  • Surrender vote now taunts instead of giving a Mission Accomplished/Failed message. It also is less "And now it's over".
  • Progress bars for planting beacons/airstrikes have been redone in flash, and are now different colours by team.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where being on a team that last their vehicle building, having an airdrop ready, then switching teams would make your first vehicle purchase on the other team cost double.
  • Fixed bug where pressing a number on the Vehicle menu would kick you out of it whether or not you could actually purchase the vehicle.
  • Fixed Nod Chinook's right gun not having any animations. Also fixed an "accessed none" that directly corresponded to that.
  • Fixed being unable to purchase units when you had the exact amount of credits needed.
  • EMP Grenades should now work more reliably and not randomly stop disarming.
  • Turrets no longer fire at passengers in air vehicles.
  • Airdrops now update correctly for players that just joined.
  • Fixed an accessed none from the PT_Pawn every time the PT was opened.
  • Building repair/defend messages now work correctly with building armour.
  • Edited ChangetoSBH() in RX_Controller -- May fix the SBH spectator glitch, but not a guarantee.


  • Sniper Rifle/Ramjet Reload/FireRate time increased.
  • 500 sniper damage on headshot reduced to 300.
  • Added points for building destruction: 1875, with half going to the player, half just to the team score.
  • Points for repairing/attacking buildings reduced about 1/3rd.
  • Airdrops now only allow Buggies/Humvees and APCs.
  • All maps have gone back to having static mine limits.
  • GDI APC, Nod Buggy, Humvee, and Stealth tank have all been given some of their gravity back so they don't take-off at a moment's notice.
  • Fixed TS Recon Bike and HMRLS being "WTF...bewm" vs. aircraft (instakills). No more killing off Apaches and Orcas in like a second.
  • Tiberian Sun Buggy damage vs. heavy armour further reduced. Light armour damage slightly reduced more.
  • Airdrops are now limited to tier 1 vehicles (The Humvee/Buggy and APC), to mimmick the Barracks/HON changes.
  • EMP Grenade arm time reduced from 6 to 4 seconds.
  • EMP Grenades now do a 25% burst damage vs. mines, then do damage over time. Damage over time does not stack, but now multiple EMP grenades will disarm faster.
  • Updated Scoreboard and Pause screen Flash files for Building armor.


  • Surrender vote is unavailable till 15 minutes in.
  • Added a specific timer for Change/Restart/Surrender votes. They are 5x longer than the normal timer, just for the sake of preventing spamming.
  • Added TeamInfo RCON command.
  • Some minor corrections to GameInfo/ServerInfo RCON commands.
  • Corrected some RCON command help messages.

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