Patch 5.120

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Patch 5.120
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date January 11, 2016
Previous patch Patch 5.004
Next patch Patch 5.13

Patch 5.120 for Renegade X was released on January 11, 2016.


User interface

  • Q-spotting messages have been updated to include unit type, and allow spotting of C4.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed EVA not giving 'Building Under Attack' messages when a building had under ~10% HEALTH.
  • Fixed Proximity Mines not doing the right damage when placed in certain areas.
  • Fixed maps with day/night cycles being able to be picked repeatedly.
  • Fixed seeking missiles sometimes doubling back towards whoever shot them.
  • Fixed vehicle weapons sometimes shooting in awkward angles when aiming at certain objects.


  • Building destruction is now worth 2000 points; up from 1875.
  • Buildings now give destroyed points based on the % of HEALTH a player was responsible for taking down [e.g: If you took down 5% of the health you would get 100 points/credits on the building's death.]


Both teams

  • Infantry
  • Weapons
    • Repair Tool: Mine disarm speed decreased; Heal rate decreased from 20 to 15; Ammo reduced to 250 from 400.
    • Remote C4: Damage vs. MCT slightly increased. Planting and detonating are now on the same reload delay.

Global Defense Initiative

Brotherhood of Nod

  • Infantry
  • Weapons
    • Chemical Thrower: Damage vs. MCT reduced slightly.
    • Silenced SMG base damage reduced to 7 from 8.
    • Blue Tiberium Rifle: Base damage reduced to 22 from 24; Damage modifier vs. Flak reduced 10%; Damage vs. Kevlar reduced 10%; Spread increased slightly; Primary fire volume increased so the weapon isn't such a silent killer.


  • Updated remaining maps to static lighting.
  • Updated Soft World boundaries to be significantly harder to break.
  • Fixed more spots where one could get out of the map.
  • Fixed Lakeside ceiling.


  • Airdrops are back on by default.
  • 16x anti-aliasing no longer shows up on the options menu.
  • Surrender votes tweaked to be slightly less sensitive to 'no' votes. So now 2 no votes don't counteract TEN yes's.
  • Added Dev things. Don't piss us off =)
  • Slightly increased vehicle limits on some maps.

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