Patch 5.364

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Patch 5.364
RenX 5 364.png
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date November 5, 2018
Previous patch Patch 5.363
Next patch Patch 5.365

Patch 5.364 for Renegade X was released on November 5, 2018.



  • Warning Messages: The messages linked to Cruise Missiles/Beacons now play a warning siren as opposed to regular bee.
  • Added a background stat API [Can be disabled on servers in UDKStatAPI].



  • Vehicle Kill Assists: Vehicle kill assists are more lenient now, but also don't give an automatic +2


  • Cruise Missile: Decreased the % added to effectiveness for hitting vehicles/infantry [Unless you hit a massive cluster it is significantly more difficult to get half of the CP back].

Quality of life

  • Commander powers should be a bit more lenient on vertical clearance checks.
  • There's now an [X] down there where abilities/grenades show up
  • LAN browser support.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed friendly beacons not showing on mini/overview maps.
  • Tech building icons should be less randomly appearing.
  • Fixed being unable to de-mine the Obelisk as commander.
  • Picking up weapons with abilities no longer awkwardly locks that weapon in its ability.
  • You no longer swap through every weapon when you 1st buy a new class.
  • Free characters should get their stamina back when bought.
  • Fixed commander help text/tooltips.
  • DW Medium Tank shouldn't play the wrong sounds from far away now.
  • AOE buffs and the radar scan no longer needlessly respect flight clearance.


  • Eyes: Fixed the minimap.
  • HeXMountain: Removed.

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