Patch 5.461

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Patch 5.461
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date May 22, 2020
Previous patch Patch 5.450
Next patch Patch 5.462

Patch 5.461 was a hotfix released for Renegade X on May 22, 2020.



  • Nod vs. Nod (Black Hand) mode. Note that the maps do NOT have shaders built, so first join you will "freeze" for a while as your game client is compiling the shaders for the map). Grassy Knoll is also not complete. Thus, the maps are not in the default rotation, but they can be added.
  • Nod Obelisk now does damage in an AOE around the hit point.

Bug fixes

  • Reverted Deployable (Proxy/AT/Beacons) changes, you can place them again.
  • Fixed Repair Guns not being able to disarm friendly Proxy C4.


  • Added more developer flags.
  • Personal Ion Cannon - Added Heroic effect.
  • Removed increased pitch on Shotgun fire sound & synced pump sound with animation.
  • Fixed missing hole in GDI APC texture.
  • Fixed missing front and back light texture for Harvester.
  • Updated Volt Auto Rifle effects to make it more visible.
  • Laser Chain Gun reload sound now syncs up correctly with animation.



  • Updated visuals to more in line with Under (more white, less blue).
  • Gun Emplacements are now elevated to a higher platform to allow them to hit the top of the hill.
  • Added a giant tall Tiberium crystal on the top of the hill that can be used to launch airstrikes on the top of the hill.

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