Patch 5.463

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Patch 5.463
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date August 13, 2020
Previous patch Patch 5.462

Patch 5.463 for Renegade X was released on August 13, 2020.



  • A personal mine count for Proximity C4 is now used for mines outside of buildings. These will disappear when you change character or die.
  • The damage vignette now also applies for heals and commander buffs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed repairing through smoke.
  • Fixed beacons being able to stack/not disarm.
  • Fixed dead bodies blocking repair beams.
  • Fixed standard dev flags not showing.
  • Fixed weapon crates giving duplicates.
  • Fixed servers crashing when adding a high number of bots.
  • Tech buildings should show the right team colour all the time now on minimap/overview map.
  • Fixed Harvesters only giving 2VP in NvN mode.
  • Fixed 'team kill' when suiciding.

Quality of life

  • Handbrake button should be bindable separately, in the Input settings, from the crouch button now.
  • Vehicle lock button is now bindable in the Input settings.
  • You can now pick up your own mines.
  • Disabled mouse smoothing by default.


  • [NvN] Increased the Bradley's base health from 600 to 800.
  • VP for healing infantry changed from 2VP for 200 to 1VP for 100.
  • Repair Facility repair range increased. Repair rate increased from 40 to 70.
  • Nod Turret veterancy gains increased slightly.


  • Added more dev flags.


Arctic Stronghold:

  • Slightly reduced Obelisk Range.
  • Removed the rock that blocked GDI's rocket rush perch.

BH Daybreak:

  • Fixed the PT


  • Added Repair Pad.
  • Reverted lighting to dynamic.


  • Made a single interface for target-able objects to simplify the targeting.

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