Patch 5.469

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Patch 5.469
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date December 15, 2020
Previous patch Patch 5.470
Next patch Patch 5.468

Patch 5.469 for Renegade X was released on December 15, 2020.


Reintroduced maps

  • CNC-Field_Winter
  • CNC-Forest_Winter
  • CNC-Lakeside_Winter
  • CNC-Reservoir_Snowy
  • CNC-Walls_Winter

Bug fixes

  • Fixed attached C4's causing double damage on actor because of radius damage.
  • Building Destroyed indicator now only pops up if the building is actually destroyed instead of having 0 rounded Health and Armour.
  • Fixed bug where building icon will not update to destroyed status if you have scoreboard opened all the time .
  • Fixed Overview Map starting off as blank HP and Armor.
  • Fixed case sensitivity of Private Messaging "Host".
  • Fixed a few cases of vehicles not able to properly roll out on certain maps.
  • Fixed ammo pickups being consumed by infantry that are full ammo/unable to get ammo.
  • Fixed an occasion where Remote C4 takes damage when attached to enemy vehicles, when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed the beard of McFarland in the LODs.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Gameplay changes

  • Random Weapon Crate
    • Added: Piercing Ion Cannon
      • Burst Fire Weapon: 3 Rounds.
      • 65 damage per shot.
      • 12 clips of 6 ammo.
      • Piercing Power: 20.
    • Removed: AT Mines
  • Harvester
    • Max VP from 20 to 40.
  • Minor damage nerf to the Grenade Launcher weapon scaling vs Infantry
    • Damage vs Flak: 0.50 -> 0.40.
    • Damage vs Kevlar: 0.90 -> 0.75.
    • Damage vs Lazarus: 0.90 -> 0.75.
    • Damage vs No Armour: 0.90 -> 0.825.
  • Updated Overview Map to use similar system as Scoreboard for buildings.
  • Update to make Player Icons more obvious in Overview Map by giving them periodical ping.
  • Can now enter vehicles while crouching.
  • Added Real Shuffle to the jukebox.
  • Can no longer vote kick logged in Moderators or Administrators.
  • Increased Repair Distance slightly for Repair Facilities (GDI and Nod) but the Repair Value drops depending on the number of vehicles being repaired.
  • Changed the VP Reward Threshold when damaging Buildings from 450 to 675. This means you need to damage the Building more before getting VP.

Map changes

  • CNC-Cliffside
    • Readjusted Tiberium area.
    • Made the GDI Barracks a bit harder to sneak to.
    • Connected Tiberium area to infantry path.
    • Landscape and path adjustments.
    • Moved default Harvester standby for both teams to better spots.
    • Some changes to the Beach side.
    • Fixed some B2B spots.
  • CNC-Complex
    • Fixed a rock sticking through the Tunnel ceiling.
  • CNC-Crash_Site
    • Fixed a permanent stuck spot between a rock and one of the Scrin ship arm.
    • Blocked an Artilery whoring spot next to the Abandoned Weapon Factory.
  • CNC-Eyes
    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions.
  • CNC-Forest
    • Field is a bit bigger now, to offer more space for the big & slow GDI Tanks.
    • Added an additional Infantry tunnel on the back path.
    • Blocked Nod from shooting the GDI Harvester from their side of the river.
  • CNC-Fort
    • Added missing foliage tree collisions.
    • Vehicle Limit increased from 8 to 11.
    • Mine Limit increased from 18 to 26.
    • Airstrike Cooldown increased from 30 to 50 seconds.
    • Fixed being able to buy aircraft on Fort.
    • Fixed a spot, that allowed GDI to shoot the HoN from the Field.
    • Additional an blocking volume behind GDI Barracks to prevent Nuclear Beacons being placed inside a rock.
    • Fixed the rock behind the GDI Weapon Factory having bad collision.
    • Fixed vehicles being able to drive up the exit only path.
    • Added a few more tank blockers to explain infantry only areas better.
  • CNC-Goldrush
    • Added Collision to some factory meshes, to prevent players to go inside it.
    • Blocked Artilery from shooting GDI Refinery and Advanced Guard Tower from the Hill.
    • Fixed Portaloo collision near the Factory.
    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions.
  • CNC-Islands
    • Adjusted volume placement to prevent accidental vehicle death near Tunnel Entrances.
  • CNC-Islands_X
    • Fixed a missile curving spot.
  • CNC-Lakeside (All Variants)
    • Fixed abused spots.
    • Changed Tiberium default standby points to better positions.
  • CNC-Mesa
    • Vehicle Blocking Volumes added to Building Ramps to prevent Vehicles getting on the ramp tops.
  • CNC-Reservoir (All variants)
    • Moved a leaf particle effect near the Nod Airtower over to fix the leaves coming through the wall.
    • Slightly made the ladder volumes on the ivy wall plants longer so it's easier to climb up (and not falling down constantly).
    • Fixed a glitchy spot between the landscape and dam (collision fix).
    • Updated Underwater Post Processing (less green-ish).
    • Fixed an out of bounds spot behind Nod Power Plant.
    • Removed Barbed Wire Damage.
    • Fixed being able to get in the tunnels from the Power Plant.
    • Fixed the Tank Blockers partially floating above the ground.
    • Other bug fixes.
  • CNC-Under
    • Fixed abused spot.
  • CNC-Walls (All Variants)
    • Fixed abused spots.
  • CNC-XMountain
    • Fixed an issue where the Image Grain (White Noise) would become extremely high every time you opened the Purchase Menu.

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