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Points determine one's score and rank in Renegade X. They can used to roughly determine the performance of the player, usually higher score meaning more infantry killed and vehicles destroyed. Still, there are several exceptions such as destroying a building by oneself will net approximately 2000 points, or diligent and continuous repairs that can also yield plenty of points.

To earn points, player must attack the opponents: points will be earned by just hitting them, although finishing the opponent will yield more. Points earned from killing infantry/destroying vehicles are proportional to the cost of the infantry/vehicle, where higher costs equal to more points awarded.

Employing Repair Guns, either in repairing, disarming, or capturing will also yield points, depending on the amount of health or armor recovered; therefore quickly repairing a Building by hitting the Master Control Terminal will grant the same amount of points as slowly repairing the building from outside.

Points are paramount in All-Out-War matches, where after the time limit, the faction with the highest score wins the match. The faction score is simply the sum of all the players' points in the same faction.

When a player seeks to quickly earn points, either to earn credits or to contribute to the faction's total scoring, they will employ a tactic known as Pointwhoring.