Rocket Launcher

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Rocket Launcher
Carried by Gunner
Type Primary Weapon
Damage Type Explosive rockets
Projectile Speed 5000
Range 29000
Scope Lens N/A
Rate of Fire 1
Clip 6
  • 60 (Recruit)
  • 72 (Veteran)
  • 84 (Elite)
  • 96 (Heroic)

The Corebrette MMS-60 Locust Rocket Launcher is Gunner's main weapon.


The Rocket Launcher is a bulky cylindrical launcher where rockets are fired. On the side it has a small screen, and a couple of handles to hold the launcher. Clips made by rockets inserted into a spinning dish tray are loaded into the launcher's middle section.

Damage Table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
60 x5 x1 x0.7 x1 x0.75 x1.0005 x1.5 x1.225 x2.450

Full damage will be inflicted only if the target body is struck completely by the rocket.

Higher Veterancy ranks will increase the base damage by a specified multiplier.


The Rocket Launcher can rapidly fire six rockets at once. It lacks the damage and the lock on found on the Missile Launcher, but it compensates with faster rate of fire and projectile speed. Rockets do reasonable damage to vehicles, buildings, and infantry, the latter only with a direct hit or headshot. Even with their improved speed, Rocket Launchers are still not very well suited in infantry clashes.


  • The warning message found on the sides of the weapon states "Do not point at commanding officer".

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