SAM Site

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SAM Site
SAM Site
Faction Nod
Function Automated Defense
Armament SAM
Health 1000
Surface-to-Air Missile
Projectile Type Explosive - Rocket
Projectile Speed from 3000 to 6000
Range 7000
Rate of Fire 4
Clip 4

The SAM Site is a low-level defense structure, belonging to the Brotherhood of Nod.


The SAM Site is made by a small rotating turret with a slim support and armed with six rocket launchers.

Damage Table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
150 x10 x1 x0.5 x1 x0.48 x0.48 x1 x0.96 x3.84

Full damage will be inflicted only if the target body is struck completely by the rocket.

Automated defense buildings obtain Veterancy by killing Infantry and destroying Vehicles.


SAM Sites are employed to defend against aerial vehicles, and have lower health and no interior or Master Control Terminal.

The SAM Site automatically attacks enemy aerial vehicles by firing surface-to-air missiles with homing capabilities. Each missile deals 50 damage, with 2 missiles being fired at a time. The SAM Site does not deactivate upon destruction of the Power Plant.



As one of the main effective defenses against aerial vehicles, destroying these early allow aerial vehicles to harass the enemy base more freely and remain in the enemy base much longer upon attack. Players can also evade incoming missiles if they move their aerial vehicles fast enough, considering that the homing rockets will not have enough time to turn around.

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