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Size Small
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 16
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings Tiberium Silo x2
Base Defenses N/A
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip


The battlefield is set in an enclosed space in middle of snowy mountains. Only a small structure resembling a wall divides the bases from each other. Due to the distance from each base, conflicts between the two factions will be immediate and chaotic.

Each base has their personal Tiberium Silo waiting to be captured, which has its Credit gain ratio is increased to approximately 2.25 credits per second, due to the special proprieties of this map, notably the lack of Refineries.


"During operation Scorpion Hunters, GDI found intel on another secret Nod base, located in the Caucasus mountains, it is believed to be the hideout of one of the highest ranking Nod Officers. A small force has been dispatched in the area to set up a forward operating base, in order to eliminate any Nod activity in the area."

In-depth Analysis

Infantry paths: The central structure has two entrances on each side, and 4 floors reachable from the ramps inside. The third and fourth floor have balconies facing each base, and one may jump down from the third floor. The fourth floor also has a downward ramp on the left and right; they lead towards the Weapons Factory and the Hand of Nod, respectively. Note that there is a rock that must be destroyed first before infantry can proceed to the exit from the downward ramp.

Space in the structure is restricted; the corridors are barely large to fit two players in a row.

Vehicle paths: Vehicles will leave their bases going through a downpath leading under the wall. The route itself is short and it will not take long to reach the opponent base, even with a Mammoth Tank; however, three rock column formations will be in the way blocking the path; they can be destroyed by firing on them.

Mystery Crates: Two appear in the wall structure, one on the first floor, the other on the fourth floor. The last one appears at the center on the vehicle path.

Harvested Tiberium field: None. There are no Tiberium fields in this map.


Battlefield control

Snow is a tiny map; infantries will either fight each other in the wall structure or assist the vehicles below. Keep in mind that Airstrikes will not hit any vehicles below, due to the landscape sheltering them. Needless to say, the team should take the only vehicle path and the only infantry path in order to mount a siege.

Exercise caution when setting up Superweapon Beacons: first there are only two buildings, so enemy Engineers will find it and react to it faster; second, the short distance between buildings and only two places for the enemy to respawn should be factored in as well. Placing a beacon alone will most likely lead to just giving points to the opponent team. Vehicle cover is advised for ensuring success of the beacon.

Sneaking options

Being a tiny map, sneaking into the enemy base in a match with many players will be nigh impossible; therefore, it is not advised to infiltrate the enemy base on this map with Hotwires or Technicians.

Should one insist, they can go through the structure and exit from the first floor, such being the best choice due to a slab of concrete in the front of the entrances that may shelter the brave infiltrator; however, since the enemy base which only has two buildings close to each other, all the base surroundings are high traffic places in a crowded match.

Another option would be taking the downward ramp found on the fourth floor of the central structure, after the obstructing rock has been destroyed. Still, upon arrival on the ground, the infiltrator will find themselves towards the building doors facing the structure - a high traffic area.

There are few rocks and the Silo one could use to hide, but they are far away from the buildings. Still, the vast open space in the base makes an easy task for Stealth Tanks and Stealth Black Hands to remain invisible, assuming they manage to get through the tiny chokepoints.


  • Snow is the smallest map in Renegade X that features Command & Conquer gameplay mode so far.
  • A nuke from a Mystery Crate in the middle structure tend to yield many causalities in a crowded match.
  • Each rock column has 3000 HP and Heavy Armor.

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