Spy Plane

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Spy Plane
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Reconnaissance
Cost 150 CP
  • 20 seconds (HUD highlight)
  • 45 seconds (minimap highlight)
Radius 6500
Internal name

Air Vehicle
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Support aircraft
Health 200
Armor type Light
Cost 150 CP
Internal name Rx_SupportVehicle_MIG35

The Spy Plane is a support power available to Commanders from Nod. Its GDI counterpart is the Radar Scan.



The following is a list of differences for the Spy Plane from the Radar Scan.

  • Advantages:
    • Gives CP by revealing enemies (+10 CP per enemy revealed; limit is 100 CP).
    • Effective radius is greater than Radar Scan.
  • Disadvantages:
    • With enough skill, enemies can shoot down the Spy Plane before it can begin revealing them. Surprisingly, the Ramjet Rifle is one of the best weapons to take out the Spy Plane due to its armor piercing bullets that can hit the plane near instantly. On the other hand, rocket launchers (be it infantry or vehicles) with lock-on will have a hard time achieving this task due to the speed of the plane and the limited range of the lock-on.
    • Cannot reveal enemies through obstacles such as terrain and buildings.
    • Enemies are revealed lesser in the minimap.
    • More expensive than Radar Scan.