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Team hampering is the term referring when a player hampers the action of their team. Usually done with the purposes of getting attention, internal conflicts with another player in the same team, aiding the enemy team, or pestering other players to provoke a reaction from them (commonly known as trolling). Team hampering is frowned upon and it will cause the team hamper to be kicked or banned.

Note that team hampering refers only when the player purposely plans and acts to harm his team; players not familiar with the game and player performing occasional mistakes are exempt from this category, as long they are made aware of their wrongs and listen to veterans' advice.

Team hampering will assist the enemy team, both indirectly or directly.

There are many ways one can team hamper, such as the ones listed below but not limited to:

  • Throwing either Timed C4 or Remote C4 on allies so they cannot employ Purchase Terminals as long the C4 remains on their body;
  • Purposely placing Proximity C4 on open field areas or far away from the base Buildings;
    • Or keep replacing Proximity C4 to excessively protect a single building or infantry path (known as overmining);
  • Firing on allies, this will not damage the ally, but they will hear gunfire and lower their guard and chances of hearing enemy gunfire;
  • Ramming allies' vehicles, pushing them into hazardous locations and exposing them to enemy fire, while hampering their movements;
  • Taking away allies' unattended vehicles for themselves (this can be prevented by locking the vehicle) and usually losing them by rushing recklessly into enemy lines;
    • On flying maps with Power Plants, the team hamper can take allied aerial vehicles and drive them near the cooling plant, which will destroy the vehicle.
  • Destroying allies' vehicles that are currently being repaired or guarded by automated defenses;
  • Blocking the exit of a building with only one door with a vehicle to imprison allied players inside the building (considering that usually players getting into the vehicle from the door and leaving the vehicle and end up in the same spot);
  • Blocking the Harvester by parking a vehicle into the Tiberium Refinery's docking bay, thus denying its loads of Credits to the allied team;
  • Throwing Smoke Grenades or EMP Grenades in the base only to cause false alarms to the allied team;
  • Spamming the spotting key (Q by default) or radio commands without any decent reason, this will hamper the radio messaging of the team which could contain vital information;
  • Placing C4 on Stealth Black Hands and Stealth Tanks to jeopardize their stealth capabilities, since the C4 on them will be visible;

The list below shows some examples how one can directly help the enemy team by team hampering:

  • Giving away vehicles to the opponents, by driving towards their base and then leaving the vehicle for them to steal;
  • Purposely typing in global chat or sending personal messages to an enemy player about the team's plans or the amount of mines;
  • Purposely aiding an enemy player by not firing and not spotting them, or even offering them shelter with the team hamper's own vehicle;
  • Purposely donating Credits to opponent players to aid them;
  • Standing on top of a enemy Superweapon Beacon so that allied Engineers cannot disarm it;
  • Continuously placing Superweapon Beacons in the enemy base by oneself while knowing that it will not succeed, thus granting 200 points to the enemy team for each beacon.
  • Preventing allied Repair Gun beams from hitting the Master Control Terminal of a building under heavy siege by physically standing in between and blocking the beam.