Training Yard

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Training Yard
Size Small
Style Asymmetrical
Recommended Players 24
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings Tiberium Silo x1
Base Defenses
  • GDI
    • Guard Tower x2
  • Nod
    • Turret x2
  • GDI
    • Barracks (Air)
    • Weapons Factory (Air)
    • Tiberium Refinery (Air)
    • Power Plant (Air)
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod (Air)
    • Airstrip (Air)
    • Tiberium Refinery (Air)
    • Power Plant (Air)
  • Appearance

    A tiny island in middle of the ocean, with both bases are extremely close to each other, divided only by rock masses. The battle commences as the sun sets in Training Yard.

    In-depth Analysis

    Infantry paths: The middle exit for each base leads to the center of the map, where one can go to the enemy base or towards the vehicle paths. Anti-Tank obstacles block access for vehicles in the middle area. Behind each base, there is a shore path leading to the Tiberium Silo and connected to each base.

    Vehicle paths: Vehicles can assault the other base from two routes, one on the left and the other on the right.

    Mystery Crates: Two appear in the center of vehicle paths, one per side, one appears in the center of the map, the last one appears near the Silo.

    Harvested Tiberium field: each faction harvests the field on their right vehicle route, the farthest one from their Refinery.


    Battlefield control

    Training Yard is a tiny map, and infantry and vehicles will clash often in the paths. By taking control of a path, the team can pressure the enemy base from that route. Controlling all the three paths will assure total dominance over the enemy base.

    The fourth path, the one towards the Silo is too long and usually not worthy to take over. A patrol stationed at the entrance of such path will deter sneaky players.

    Sneaking options

    Being a tiny map, sneaking into the enemy base in a match with many players will be nigh impossible from the main paths. The best option would be taking the long shore route, albeit it lacks considerable cover except for the bunkers near the entrances to the respective bases. This route leads from the back of the GDI Barracks to the of the Nod Tiberium Refinery.

    Hiding inside the base, even with Stealth Tanks will be almost impossible with the buildings close to each other, automated defenses, and plenty of players. An infiltrator's best option would be hiding behind the buildings farthest from the base entrances.


    • Training Yard is inspired from the tutorial level map in the original Renegade game.
    • Previous versions of the map featured weapon pickups that players could obtain.
    • This map is the only map with an asymmetrical layout so far.
    • Few gunboats can be seen along the shores.

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