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Size Small
Style Symmetrical
Recommended Players 24
Air Vehicles Disabled
Tech Buildings N/A
Base Defenses N/A
  • GDI
    • Barracks
    • Weapons Factory
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant
  • Nod
    • Hand of Nod
    • Airstrip
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Power Plant


The battlefield is set in a small volcanic island, with molten lava flowing in the caves. Fortunately, sturdy catwalks were conveniently built above the lava to allow transition. A cave filled with Tiberium is located on one side, and a bunker is located on the other side.

In-depth Analysis

Infantry paths: Both bases have three entrances near the Tiberium Refinery, that lead towards the caves inside the volcano; each entrance interconnects with the central passageway, which leads to the sniper perches facing each base or the vehicle bridge path, and the exits, four leading toward the bases and the last one to the vehicle path. The last catwalk passageway is located above the Tiberium field in the cave and has two exits, each one going toward to their respective base.

Stretches of land located near the main entrance lead upwards towards the bunker on the left side (right for Nod) of the base; tank blockades deny access for vehicles on this route.

Vehicle paths: Vehicles can drive in the cave filled with Tiberium on the right side (left for Nod) which offers a shorter way towards the enemy base, or drive towards to the main path, which has two bridges to safely cross the flowing lava.

Mystery Crates: Two appear inside the caves, one on the catwalk facing the Tiberium cave, the other one on the highest spot of the cave; one appears near the entrance of the cave located at the bridge path; the last one appears in the central room of the bunker.

Harvested Tiberium field: the one inside the large cave.


Battlefield control

First priority should be taking the cave path, which will also allow protection for the team's Harvester while opening the possibility to destroy the opponent's; also, the cave path offers more cover from snipers, albeit Engineers conducting repairs have to exercise caution around the Tiberium field, and stay inside the vehicles until they can safely jump out.

After establishing control, effort can be make to take the other vehicle path and the cave paths. Generally, the bridge path and the route to the bunker is more exposed to sniper fire than the other routes. A patrol can be stationed nearby to spot any vehicle rush and sneaky infantry, while the majority of the forces fights in the cave paths, both the vehicle one and the infantry ones.

Snipers can take potshots at enemy infantries in their base from the sniping perch, should the bridge path be under control by their team.

Sneaking options

Caves have two exits leading to the opponent base, but they tend to be high traffic areas and they are too small for any kind of cover. The vehicle cave path is full of hazardous Tiberium, while the other vehicle path has just a few rocks for cover, while the infiltrator is exposed all the way before and after crossing the bridges. Ideally, taking the route leading towards the bunker may be the best option, mostly depending if there are snipers in the perches. The long distance makes up for the lack of cover, and the sneaky player can dash towards behind buildings or at the edges of the map.

Inside the bases, there is a small section that can be used for hiding: GDI base has a shore area with a Hovercraft stationed nearby; Nod base has a lowhill area at the end of the Airstrip's runway.

Stealth Tanks have plenty of space to maneuver in the base, and can linger behind buildings or near the Hovercraft.


  • Molten lava will instantly kill any player and destroy any vehicle (and possibly killing the driver) upon contact.
  • There is a patch of lava behind the Barracks; in previous versions of Volcano, vehicles could explode without reason while driving on solid ground nearby due to map glitches. This has been fixed by now.

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