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In Renegade X, players can start votes to address issues that may arise in the middle of the match, especially when game moderators are not currently present. The most common vote is the one done to kick afk (away from keyboard) players from the match to possibly open more spots for joining players.

Votes require a certain number of "yes" for the vote to take effect in an amount of 30 seconds. The number depends on the total amount of voting players, going up when more players are voting "no". Generally, for every "no" vote, two "yes" votes are necessary to reach the required number.

To access the vote menu, hold either Ctrl, LeftAlt or both of them and press V. A list of choices will appear on the left side of the screen, and each choice will have a number associated with it. By pressing one or several number keys, the player will start a vote. To prevent spam, there is a cooldown of one minute before a player can start another vote.

Votes will appear on the top center of the screen. To answer to a vote, press F1 to vote "yes" and F2 to vote "no". Players can also abstain from voting.

List of votes

  • 1: Change Map (will start a vote to change the current map. Usually started on stalemate marathon matches)
  • 2: Restart Map (will start a vote to restart the current map)
  • 3: Surrender (will start a vote to surrender. Only players on the same team as the one who started the vote can vote)
  • 4: Add Bots (will start a vote to add a specified amount of bots possessing a specified skill level)
  • 5: Remove Bots (will start a vote to remove bots, either some of them or all of them from either one team or both)
  • 6: Kick Player (will start a vote to kick a player. Type the player's ID number or nickname)
  • 7: Survey (will start a vote on whatever the player types in the survey text box. This vote can be made open to all players or restricted only players on the same team as the one who started the vote)
  • 8: Mining Ban (will start a vote to ban a player from placing Proximity C4. Type the player's ID number or nickname. Started against Team Hampering players who purposely keep overmining or mining in a inefficient way)
  • 9: Vote Commander (will start a vote to elect the commander of the team. Only applicable on servers with the Commander Mod. Only players on the same team as the one who started the vote can vote)
  • Alt/Ctrl: Exit